Overpaid and after 8 weeks still can not get MY money back

I wish I had of read this site before I booked my flights back from NZ.
I thought I was being smart by paying direct deposit so I wouldnt have to pay the CC processing fee, well was I wrong.

Because the flight was from NZ to Aust, the amount was in NZ dollars, to be on the safe side I just deposited the equilvilent in AUD and thought that theh difference would be refunded. I was wrong, 8 weeks on and I am still waiting. I have been told many times that I am getting a refund and that I should get it in 15 days, then I am told it is approved and that it has been fast tracked and followed up with finance in Melbourne and I will get it in 5 days. I am not sure what time they are working on my 8 weeks is a little more then either 15 working days or 5 working days.

What makes it worse is that I know if I had of miscalculated the currency conversion in the other direction and was even short a dollar or even a cent, my booking would have been rejected and they would have kept the money anyway. All I can say is they are theives. They have no idea how to respond to complaints individually, it is just a stock standard reply.

I wonder if I'll ever see my money?

New Zealand-Queenstown
Australia-Gold Coast


Correct, had exactly the same

Correct, had exactly the same kind of experience in the reverse direction earlier this year. Their website just doesn't allow for booking e.g. NZ-AU and paying in $A, or vice versa. In my case, I realised late in the piece that the direct deposit I had made (wrong currency but to the correct value) wasn't going to work and called their customer service. Because this was in January, a helpful Australian sorted out proper payment via credit card (with no credit card fee), and at that point I was pretty happy.

BUT - it then took SIX WEEKS of waiting and about eight website form submissions (never a response to those) or calls - each time being told "this has been fast-tracked and the finance section will action it within 5 working days" before the refund for my original direct deposit finally appeared.

So: bad website, lousy customer service centre (after the move to the Phillippines) and appalling lack of action from their finance people. When things are straightforward with Jetstar, they generally work in my experience. But they have no proper handling for when they don't. There's no excuse for it -- their systems need to improve radically if they expect anybody to fly them more than once.