Paid for flights got no flights. Bank confirms payment but Jetstar state never received out of pocket $712

Jetstar or one star. Your customer service is the worst I have seen. We paid you $712 for flights and still have no booking. I have sent over 20 emails with proof from our bank that you received our funds yet nothing. Vikki is not returning phones calls or emails what sort of customer care department do you have. This has been going on for over two months and all I require is some confirmation in writing that you never received our funds. Tired of calling jet star as we have to go over the whole event each time and no one is helping us. We have tried tirelessly to resolve this for over two months and they don't allow you to talk to supervisors. you get told and to log a complaint online, which we have over 20 times with no result. Our bank have confirmed they received our funds but one star don't care. We have given this proof to jet star but they now don't return our emails or phone calls. Please I need some help where to go to does anyone know an executives email address.



Go straight to the ACCC and

Go straight to the ACCC and lodge a complaint.
Small claims tribunal to get your money back.

Thanks we are doing this and

Thanks we are doing this and advised Jetstar this and they didn't care. Thanks again

Don't fly Jetstar! Demand

Don't fly Jetstar! Demand your refund through your bank & fly with another airline.

We are still waiting fir

We are still waiting fir someone from jetstar to return our emails . Help me please does anyone know how to contact a manager Or executive from the airline. I see others have had the same sort of issue maybe time for current affair to look into.

Chris, try one or both of

Chris, try one or both of these emails

David Hall - Chief Executive Officer for Australia and NZ>

Nick - Jetstar Senior Customer Advocate

I wrote to David recently when I was having no response from the customer care and I received a detailed email from Nick within 24 hours.

Good luck and don't use this pathetic company ever again

One other thing Chris. The

One other thing Chris. The quickest way to get your money back is to to lodge a small claims tribunal application. It is very cheap and extremely effective. Jetstar will pay you back within a few days of receiving the court date. They don't like to get involved in court hearings. Rewad my storey on