Payment ripoff

Completely f***ed off with Jetstar... I booked a month ago while they had sale flights and the money left my account. I went in tonight to check my booking details to discover my booking has disappeared. When I phoned them they told me the money was not received on the booking so they cancelled it. When I explained they definitely still have my money they said that due to me putting a 1 (one) instead of an "I" in my reference number when paying that the money was never applied and so the booking was cancelled with no notification... When I asked them to fix it they've told me they will only refund the money and I can rebook at the higher price.. So now the flights will be DOUBLE what I originally paid. No email to notify me the booking was cancelled and money not paid yet they've quite happily kept my money all this time without giving it back. All hell is going to break loose. Anyone know if there is an ombudsman or something similar that deals with this sh**it?!

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I live in Bali most of the

I live in Bali most of the year. I also travel around South Asia for my work as a English. Teacher. I bought a one way fare from Darwin to Bali witb Jetstar in March and when I got to the Darwin Jetstar. Check in with my Balinese Daughter who was born in Australia. Who is 13 teen years old. The Lady very rudely daid where is your return ticket back to.Darwin. I said I live in Bali she said.well sorry don't have a return. Ticket we can't. Let you on this flight or show us you have funds in, I have lived in Bali for thirty years and never refused. A flight ever, from me Across was s couple from England also had a one airfare
and refused on The flight. I was asked to show. Proof that. I. Lived in Bali. With rental certificates it was th
e most embarassing thing ever in my life. I was allowed on in the end shocking.

Yep it's poor customer

Yep it's poor customer service Marita - but if you had of put the right booking reference in your payment there would be no problem. How are they going to find your payment with the wrong reference number? You should be kicking yourself - not Jetstar.

They refunded your money. How is this a Payment Rip off?

she didn't say they had

she didn't say they had refunded the money peter. That probably wont happen. There is also no chance of there not being a problem.