Peeky Intruder Jetstar

I just reached home and decided to post same complaint regarding broken luggage. I think for everyone who took Value air or Jetstar flight from Singapore to anywhere should be aware about this issue.

I took Valueair flight from Singapore to Surabaya with code VF 249 18.50 (24 April 2014) with my mom and grandma. As included to our ticket, we have bought 15kg baggage for each of us and we checked in 4 our baggage in the counter. 1 antler luggage (24 inch), 2 elle luggage (cabin size), and another customized bag with same size almost as big as the antler luggage. At around 20.00 (8pm) we arrived in Juanda airport and we took our luggage off the rail and surprisingly our antler luggage zipper handle was off and seems like someone had barged in and check our baggage without permission.
we also found out that the suspect has tried to input lock combination of 888 and it didn't work. So they decided to grate the lock and opened the luggage.
the next thing that we have suspected that the inner lock that hold the belongings inside the luggage was off and they dangling between the broken zipper handle.

My mom decide to brought this issue to the airport and since in Surabaya we didn't have any jetstar office. We talked to the officials who stood near the baggage rail. They said they have 3 persons in charge in this field and they stated that the lock was already broken from where we come. After that we visit the lost and found and they just gave us a document as written claim on broken luggage and they said they will sent this complaint to the Jetstar by email. As victim, the lost and found 'officer' told us that such email is confidential between them and jetstar so they will sent it on behalf us.
while waiting the officials to write the document, a security told us to check our belongings. Our antler bag was filled with dirty laundry and snacks, so I don't even bother to check. Yet, I was so curious on the reason why they decided to open our bag that forcefully, so I peeked and my sister little orange purse (leopard) came in sight. I wasn't the one who packed those luggage, but my Mom did, so I asked her where did she put that purse.
"I put it inside another bag and buried it deep inside the bag."

when we got home, I decided to open that luggage and I saw the inner purse was outside and the outer bag (brown bag) was far from the purse.
we assumed that the suspect thought that was something valuable inside that purse and therefore they took such action.

we post this for the others to be aware of bringing big sized luggage because they will tried to enter once they realized it has valuable stuff they will tried to open your luggage no matter how. We didn't know who exactly did these action (either by jetstar people, surabaya or singaproe airport people) but we just wanted them to understand our privacy and by breaking into our luggage was wrong enough and it can be considered as tort to us.



Not sure what the point of

Not sure what the point of this all is?