A plane load of lost luggage

I stupidly paid $400 one way to fly jetstar today, and they managed to leave behind almost every single passenger's luggage. How do you not realise that you have no luggage on board for a full flight? We were not told anything until about 25mins after we landed, and there was no luggage to be seen. We have not been kept informed, all the numbers you are given to ring are 'temporarily unavailable' or ring out. There has been no compensation provided, even though I had to find somewhere on Good Friday to buy the essentials...I fly back on Sunday and seriously doubt I will have my luggage by then. Jetstar makes Tiger seem 5 star, and they will pay for this.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


I'm sure they are shaking in

I'm sure they are shaking in their boots.
Whilst it sucks for you, they have covered themselves in their conditions of carriage which state they do not guarantee they can uplift you or your baggage in accordance with your schedule.

Fuck! This is appaling..

Fuck! This is appaling.. where travelling on this exact same route in around a months time on Jetstar, cept i only have cabin baggage so yeah..

How does the pilot not know

How does the pilot not know when the plane is underweight like this ?? ahh, I bet the filled it up with cargo and left your luggage waiting, a last minute good Friday top dollar cargo job wins over customer service.

Do you know why you were not

Do you know why you were not told until 25 mins after you landed? Easy they didnt even know themselves and while you were waiting they were crawling around the hold looking for the luggage until maybe a bright supervisor said OH..they must have all just had carry-on!!

I was on that flight and was

I was on that flight and was told the baggage conveyor belt was not working hence bags didn't make it out to the aircraft. Of you were in that position, what would you do? Depart the flight on time and send the baggage on a later flight? Delay everybody including people with only carry on baggage, until the baggage belt works. Answer seems clear to me.