Pooh on the tray table and screeching wheels

Made a few domestic flights on Jetstar this week. Flying from Sydney - north I ordered an expensive beer and nuts. On folding down the tray I discovered a filthy mess and something that looked like a gekko or mouse pooh. Called the waitress over and she said that she wasn`t paid to clean trays. She reluctantly went to the back of the plane and came back with a few tissues to wipe off the offending item. To be fair I couldn`t identify it as being a poo or some small piece of chocolate as both tables were flithy from the preceding customers.

On a second flight from Brisbane to Cairns the wheels were screeching and groaning as we taxied out for the take off. I was hoping the sound was from the tow vehicle but this was not the case. After recent Qantas problems with Airbuses I was quite concerned as were all the other passengers. On approach into Cairns the same screeching and groaning sounds came as the undercarriage came down. We landed safely but flying a plane is not the same as bashing around the outback in an HR and any airline that can`t be F@#ked oiling the wheel bearings needs to be seriously checked by an adult safety agency.

This trip was my first using Jetstar ( total 6 flights including 3 international) and I will do my best not to patronise cut corner budget airlines again.

Japan Boy.



The plane would not be in the

The plane would not be in the air if their was a problem with the brakes and I can assure you if it was sounding as the gear was going down then there wasn't a problem as they don't use the brakes in the air, there useless in the air. It may have been the flaps which makes such a noise as their being extended.