I was an employee at the call centre company, who had the Jetstar contract, Jetstar made a decision to shift there call centre to another company, who btw are in asia.
When i was working for them, i actually apologised to the caller, and meant it, provided a meaningful solution myself or got the supervisor on, it would actually get resolved then and there without going to Customer Relations, who dont do shit.

Jestar dont care about the service provided at the end of the day. in the end you giving them money, possibly without reading the FARE RULES, and if you even get a call back from CR, all you will get is a measly $25-$50 voucher to use in the next 6 months.

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What a load of crap. I too

What a load of crap. I too worked there at the time as a team leader and there are people who actually do care, however they are limited to what can be done as the way the operation is run is dictated by higher management. There were a lot of issues with the previous company on the old contract, which was effecting customer service. Whilst I was obviously unhappy to lose the job, I do believe that the change of call centre contracts will ultimately provide an improvement for customers but there will of course be issues along the way as they are starting completely from scratch with people who probably have no idea about airline operation.

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