Refund but sent voucher

Hi All

UPDATE. Jetstar swapped the voucher for a bank deposit so couldn't be happier!!!

Just needing some advice one leg of our journey in NZ was cancelled as plane unable to land due to fog so we were offered a refund for that leg which we took up. Now we have been sent a voucher and they are not budging on turning this into a refund. With 6 adults on this voucher sharing is is not an option also no leave left for this year to use it.

Has anyone had luck with getting $$ refund into bank

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
New Zealand-Wellington


How did you convince them to

How did you convince them to swap the voucher for a refund?

The Jetstar representative at

The Jetstar representative at the airport told us we would be getting a refund so we booked our own transportation to our next stop - once this was explained to Jetstar on the phone they cancelled the voucher and deposited the money within 7 days