Repeated Staged Hang Up

Jetstar phone staff have put in place a "staged hang up" for customers insisting on a refund such as myself.
I asked to speak to a manager after I was refused a refund. They put me on hold and continued to come back saying “The manager is still busy, am I happy to wait?
I continued to reply yes.
This continued to happen for about half an hour. Finally the same lady came back saying:
“Hello, hello are you there? When I replied "yes I am," she kept saying over me, "Hello, I can't hear you, are you there ? Are you there? And I was there saying "Im here, I can hear you."
Then she hung up on me! I was fuming!!!
I could tell by her tone that this was fake the first time she said "Hello, are you there?"
Part of social language is that you pause after you ask a question to hear the answer/reply. She didn't pause, to hear if I was there, she continued to say "Sorry I can't hear you" over me. Her false acting gave her ploy away!

I rang again two weeks later. This time my partner was on the line with me too.
Same process happened!!! The staged "Hello, hello are you still there?, after we wouldn't give up on requesting to speak to a manager-- to my partner’s disbelief the staged "Hello, hello, sorry I can't hear you, are you still there" happened to him too.
I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this staged act??????

Australia-Ballina Byron


Yes, I completely had the

Yes, I completely had the same experience last May. So rude!