i booked tickets for a holiday for myself and children ,previous to this my mother since december was on urgent waitling list for surgery for cancer having been 7 months nothing from hospital regarding it i thought a short holiday would be visable so booked it for november ,i didnt use the insurance option because a few years ago i used this option after being told by sales rep i was covered if my son couldnt make flight as he had never flown before and has severe anxiety and borderline autistic so when it came close to flight he didnt want to go on a plane so i went to jetstar and asked for a name change on ticket and was flat out refused even though the sales rep told me i was covered for this under insurance i had to pay $134 for name change on ticket.
Anyway this time i found out my mother finally got her surrgery date and this was within 12 hrs of booking tickets i phoned them straight away to cancell and refund what i had paid and got a flat out no unless i can get my mother to get a medical certificate to prove my claims then i maybe considered a refund under compassionate grounds , i said it has taken 7 months to just get into surgery how long do u think its going to take her to get into see the dr looking after her case at hospital ,hobarts medical system is not the best and wait times are crazy all tkhey could say was theres no time frame to which u can apply for refund ,i then asked to speak to superviser to which i was denied the lady i spoke to said i wil, go speak to him for u ,came back and said he had said same thing no refund unless u can produce medical certificate ,i then said jetstar has no compassion i phoned within 12 hrs of making booking its 4 months before flight so not like seats wouldnt be resold in plenty time ,im totally disgusted by jetstar and their dealings with their customers i will never use jetstar again and will certainly share a,ongst family znd friends alike so they dont waste their money on tickets for this airline .JETSTAR you should be ASHAMED of yourself the stress you have added to an already stressful situation is deplorable.

Australia-Gold Coast


Booked well ahead and needed

Booked well ahead and needed to cancel as reason for trip was cancelled. Jetstar policy is no refund even with 28 days notice! Enjoy my money you overpaid CEO!