Ridiculous Baggage Charges

I flew Jetstar a couple of days ago with only carry on luggage. While I was sitting at the gate (of course the flight was delayed) the Jetstar staff announced that everyone had to have their cabin luggage weighed and tagged before boarding the flight. You are allowed a weight of 7kg for your carry on luggage. I have never been asked to have carry on weighed before, however I didn't have a huge amount in the bag so thought I would be ok. After putting my bag down on the scale I saw that it was under 7kg. The Jetstar staff member then advised that I needed to also put my handbag on the scale. I have NEVER been asked to have my handbag weighed! Of course my handbag put me over the 7kg weight and the staff member advised I would have to check my carry on. The cost for this was an extra $50! I protested vehemently to this but of course the staff could not care less. They must get abused on a regular basis as they seem totally immune to anything you say. Who weighs someones hand bag as part of the carry on weight - no airline I have ever been on before. I always avoid Jetstar whenever possible as they cancel flights at the drop of a hat and flights are regularly delayed, however after the fiasco of weighing ones handbag - NEVER AGAIN!! I then discovered on the flight that the 2 people sitting beside me also had carry on luggage which they didn't get weighed (they didn't hear the announcement) but were allowed on the flight without their carry on being tagged. A warning out there for all those flying Jetstar in the future with only carry on luggage. It is clearly a form of revenue raising!

Australia-Gold Coast


Disgusting service I

Disgusting service I booked from Auckland to Bali and have moved countries I could not get any credit to fly cairns Bali a cheaper flight

This monopoly has to stop

One time in Melbourne Australia I was late for a flight it was 11pm but the plane was also late however whilst they were letting passengers on in front of me I was refused boarding

I was stranded no accommodation that night they are a ruthless airline without compassion or compromise.

Despicable Airline service

Pissed off with Jetstar. An

Pissed off with Jetstar. An email informing me of your supposedly "engineering requirements", thus my flight has been cancelled!!! How on earth can you justify an excuse such as "engineering requirements" for a flight that is 24 hours away? Surely you can either fix that issue within 24 hours, or have another plane available, or just use your bloody manners and give me another flight at no extra charge. But no ...... you just send me an email saying "CANCELLATION". I bet it's not even an engineering issue!!! And it's not only me you have mucked around, I'm flying with 3 other people. Good one Jetstar...you are truly one shithouse airline!!!!!