Ridiculous booking system and poor customer service

My relatives and i were booking our tickets through Jetstar website yesterday, we spent whole good 4-5 hrs sitting in front of the pc just to book the tickets. The error message always pop up when we are making payments. It always state amount owing, and that amount was for insurance (Jetcover). I've called in to the call centre several times yesterday and yet none of them told me, it's their system error till today.

I called in again this afternoon when i faced the same problem while trying to do the booking online, then this customer service officer told me that there's something wrong with their system when the payment cant go through. He also mentioned that Jetstar only deduct the fare for the air tickets and not for insurance!! I had a really shocked when i heard that. Upon hearing that, i requested to speak to their supervisor or manager, as i am really very frustrated and upset about what happened yesterday and today. For goodness sake, this CSO said I am not fit and not in any position to speak to the superiors!!!! So he refused to escalate my request.
Really very disappointed with such service provided!

If Jetstar does not have a direct flight to shantou, i wouldn't have made the bookings through Jetstar at all!



Something wrong with their

Something wrong with their system and the payment cant go through?
Utter bullshit.
Its all done on purpose, hoping you wont notice the double charges to your card.

Travis i agree with you 100%!

Travis i agree with you 100%! They want $6 for borken headphones to listen to the radio that never works! On vb u get free headphones and too watch a foxtel its only $4.95!

And if you call up too bok if the online system is down they will even spell ur name wrong on the itinery even though u spell it for them like what happend to me and when u want it changed they wane $20 each.

Jack, word. I think the only

Jack, word.

I think the only thing they get trained in is these dirty tricks. It's not customer service, thats sure damn sure.

Dont get mad about the call

Dont get mad about the call centre staff not knowing the systems stuffed. Guess what their IT staff dont even know it. Lets hope that its not the same people or quality control who look after the IT systems that operate the planes.

It's just a shitty airline..

It's just a shitty airline..