Ridiculous options after cancelled flight

Hey Jetstar, I just wanted to commend you for your excellent customer service I experienced tonight. It really goes to show how far you’ve progressed in this area. I mean, you cancelled a flight on me due to weather, which you know, is a bit inconvenient but at least you have super strict safety guidelines, as no other airline cancelled their flight. And then you offered me SUPER SUPER convenient options for a simple 1 hr flight to Adelaide... (1) I get to leave Melbourne at 7am, and arrive in Adelaide at 430pm via Brisbane. HOW GREAT! A quick pit stop in Brisbane for a few hours of sun is just want I need (2) I get to go on a flight over 48 hours later - YAY I’ve always wanted my weekend away to spend time with my family cut in half (3) or my favourite - I get a voucher, so I can happily and merrily use your FABulous services again. The lady on the phone did tell me I could sell it, if I really wanted to. Lol. Why would I want to do that?

But my favourite part - after explaining these weren’t convenient and completely and utterly inflexible, being put on hold numerous times resulting in a phone call of over 1 hour, your customer service representative decides she miraculously can’t hear me and therefore must finish the call. I was thanked for calling Jetstar and told to have a great day.

Thank YOU Jetstar.

But it’s only 2019, so why would you need to go over and above for your customers. A simple flight change to your affiliate Qantas within 24 hours would’ve been adequate, but hey, “Jetstar Airways is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas but it is operated and managed independently. We proudly identify ourselves as a member of the Qantas group; however we do remain a separate airline.”

Fab. An automated response. Just what I need to top off a great weekend away 👍

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


cool.. i was on this non

cool.. i was on this non existent flight with a hotel reservation that wont refund and a tour for 5 that wont refund neither. including 2 uber rides that cost $70 each way, we lost a total of $1600 on flight cancellation, hotel and tour no-show. but they promised us a voucher that we would mostlikely be unable to use...