Rude and Stupid Jetstar staff at SYDNEY

had the misfortune to encounter two of the worst ever customer service staff at Jetstar Sydney yesterday night. One horrible, horrible old man called Richard on the counter where you get robbed blind on your baggage sitting on the very last counter, couldnt produce a smile nor even eye contact. Richard, you need to retire or move on... then I go to the departure area where again, I ask some other stupid jetstar person, not sure if a male or female or maybe Jetstar employs people with special needs, anyhow, has this very ugly comb over, fat and stinks like urine. Where do these people come from?? Then I see him/it sitting behind a counter where your bags go. very unhelpful and rude as well. I saw it's name badge, Cain. Where's Abel?

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Where are all the nice people

Where are all the nice people?