Rude jetstar staff at the DEPARTURE GATE

This is my first flight with jetstar and I had a really bad experience with this.
I was going home from singapore to malaysia yesterday and check in in the counter at terminal 1. the jetstar staff ask for my booking no. , flight time and every detail after i hand over my passport to him. he refuse to check in the system and keep waiting for my booking no. After I get my booking no and told him, he still keep telling me my booking no. is incorrect. What the hell wrong with the staff there? they hire a Bangladesh who dont know how to use the system to work at the check in counter? that guy just stare at my when I greet good evening to him~! shit~!!!!

AT THE DEPARTURE GATE... there was another baggage check~!
the staff at the gate there damn rude~!!!
He just said: Where is your boarding pass?
After I hand it to him,
he just took it and said: Go to the counter there, I need to double check your baggage.(he still holding my boarding pass. What the fuck ! you dont even say please?)
At first i thought I'm under arrest, becoz my baggage was over weight~!

I m not a frequent flyer but I still fly once every 2-3 months. I never been treated like this before with others airline. Airasia even better than jetstar. this will be the first and last flight with jetstar.

Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur


Hi Mark, 20 people read your

Hi Mark,

20 people read your comment already. Jetstar makes many many people unhappy just like you!!
Maybe Jetstar should be a different business or something.
I'm not sure what business would be good at making people upset.
Just think about all the people they make mad that DON'T complain about them!!