seating mystery

Booked flights for myself and my partner together, so that both our names are listed in the same itinerary. Didn't want to pay extra to select seats as I figured I could select seats myself when I check in online. I check in for both of us online and we are automatically allocated separate seats on the same row but seats B and E so that we're both in the middle seat but on either side of the plane. When I phoned Jetstar to find out why their system allocated separate seats to 2 people on the same itinerary, all they could offer was to allocate seats next to each other at extra charge. No thanks! We ended up just moving seats when the plane took off. Good on ya Jetstar for programming your system to allocate separate seats to passengers travelling together AND training your staff to extract more money from passengers!



Perhaps if you weren't a

Perhaps if you weren't a tight ass in the first place and just paid to assign the seats...? Either that or have the seats changed (if possible) by the airport staff on the day of departure.
People who bitch and whinge about their assigned seats need to get a life. Do you write to the movie cinemas to bitch about their seating too?

hahahahahahhuhuhu r u kididng

hahahahahahhuhuhu r u kididng arsehole?! she is saying that she couldnt change them! tipical jetstar staff member trying 2 stick up for the shit airline. she paid 4 da seats, she didnt get them, then the scummy cunts wanted to charge her more 4 what she already paid 4! learn 2 read idiot and stop stickin up 4 jetstar! lamo
they do train they staff 2 do that. no secret. they r theefs, dont listen to anyu jetstar empyee on this site like anonymous.

How come the pro-Jetstar

How come the pro-Jetstar people on this website NEVER seem to have a name other than Anonymous, and their first argument is always calling people names such as 'tight arse' or 'whinger'? It's a rhetorical question with an obvious answer.

Remmy I learned to read back

Remmy I learned to read back in primary school. You are obviously still working on it (and your writing skills too). Karen stated when she booked she did NOT want to pay extra to assign her seats and she figured she would select her seats when she checked in.
This is the deal with Jetsaver Light fares - you either pay a fee upfront to choose your seat, or do it at check in for no charge. Passengers on fare types above Jetsaver Light can choose a seat at no charge.
She is right - the system SHOULD recognise that Karen and her partner were on the same booking and allocate them together. I don't know why this didn't happen. The phone agent however was correct in charging a fee if Karen wanted to change her seats as the whole idea is if you don't want to pay the seat fee, you need to select your seat (for free) once you get to check in at the airport.

If all else fails, usually the cabin crew would have no issue with people moving seats provided there is availability.

If all else fails, usually

If all else fails, usually the cabin crew would have no issue with people moving seats provided there is availability.?

Google Jon Stevens INXS and Jetstar.

Nice one, Anonymous. I've

Nice one, Anonymous. I've travelled all over Europe and North America on various airlines and have only come across this with Jetstar. Your outsourced call centre are full of robots trained to reply with scripted answers. No personality. No compassion.

And when you grow some balls, you should try signing your name against your comments. You obviously have nothing better to do but check this site regularly and post hateful comments.

yeah karen! anonymous is a

yeah karen! anonymous is a jetstar employee who always sticks up for jetstar! he thinks he knows about jetstar polycies but he dont know shit. he trys 2 defend jetstar all da time but he always fails in da prosess. he nos they r shit but he still luvs them! LOSER!

Karen... I have nothing

Karen... I have nothing better to do??? Speak for yourself twit. When something doesn't go as I would like it whether it be with Qantas, or my electricity bill or the like, I don't go on some ridiculous website and post about it. I build a bridge and get the fuck over it. Same goes for you Remmy as I have told you I no longer work for them.

Sorry Anonymous.. Build a

Sorry Anonymous.. Build a bridge? So by that either you mean 'suck it up and accept any behaviour any or some corporate dishes up', or it means 'take some affirmative action and make formal complaint to (in this instance) Jetstar'

If you mean the first - it's a pity you don't live in some country with some Authoritarian dictator- you could share ideologies with them.

If you mean the second - one of the main reasons this website exists is because Jetstar are apparently completely ineffective in dealing and responding to written complaints in my own and others experience. If you wish to disagree with me and you have some contacts at Jetstar - please have them look up complaint ref JF54HB - it's been months and I'm still waiting for an answer.

Also Anonymous, in a schoolyard you may win an argument by calling someone a 'twit', but in the adult world, in courts of law and the like, you actually have to formulate a cohesive argument.

in da adult world anonymous

in da adult world anonymous would get his ass kicked! he cant back up his shit with actions, he just all talk and sticks up 4 jetstar and loves dem and trys 2 make us feel bad.

Remmy you are obviously

Remmy you are obviously unemployed because you have nothing to do but write sad comments

You guys are all crazy, all I

You guys are all crazy, all I can say if you pay for a certain thing you expect to get it. If I bought a Lamborghini and they send me a mini , "WHAT" say nothing or bitch about it until you receive what you payed for......