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Ray Hadley who is on Radio 2GB hates Jetstar. He has had countless complaints about them. He isn't backward in coming forward when it comes to saying how much he dislikes them. He too has had bad experiences and vowed never to fly Jetsucks again.


Ray talks about them all the

Ray talks about them all the time. They jump when someone calls him up to complain. Sad you have to call a radio station to get some kind of result.

Better still, tell him about

Better still, tell him about this site.

ray I have just rang the

ray I have just rang the national bank to complain about my account they have taken an amount out 3 times on monday, Friday they took everything out twice sunday it went back in again. yesterday they debited my account again 3 times with a centrelink payment that went in last thursday. i have sat on the phone only to be told it will be at least 20 inutes before I can get an answer listening to how good they are. the amounts oly totoal 360 dollars but thats a lot to me. kepp up your good work thanks

Ray, Looking for a bit of

Looking for a bit of publicity on our next Race Meeting on 16 April 2011.
The day starts off with a men of League Breakfast/Brunch at 10am to 11am. Guest speakers for the day wll be Arthur Beetson, Bob McCarthy, Jim Hall, Mark Ella, Footy Show's "Dobbo" Dobson and other ex-NRL players including Dennis Tutty, John Sullivan, Jim Cody, Tony Trudgett, Michael Porter, John MacKay etc. The cost for the day is $30 which includes entry to the races, Breakfast, a beer or wine on arrival and the Show. Tickets should be pe-purchased by Monday 11 April 2011. Buses running from Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga, Bellingen, Nambucca Heads, Macksville and hopefully Kempsey. A very great day is anticipated with the theme of the day being the get together of ex local players, coachers, officials and supporters of yesteryear.
Anyone can contact me (Greg) on 0438 647385 for tickets and further information.

Greg Doolan

re no grafiti in Singapore. I

re no grafiti in Singapore. I had a couple of days over there and mentioned to a taxi driver how clean the city was without grafiti,he told me that not only clean it is also very safe. He said if I wanted to go for a walk at any time at night I would be safe, as the laws there are very strict. Iguess NO HAND WRINGERS OR POOR THINGS over there.
That statement brought back memories of Australia in years gone when people had respect for others and laws and footballers just played football to the best of their ability.

Good morning Ray... I hope

Good morning Ray... I hope yor well.. 2 quick things buddy.. there is a horse running on Saturday called Hidden Gem.. I believe it will win & win well.. im sure you get these messages all the time...... but Ray will win.. Im one of your biggest fans.. Ask Rege with the huge head.. great bloke... I am the Dentist of the Stable and this horse is flying Raymond.. The other thing Ray is could you PLEASE. Send a little shout to my Dad. His name is Stephen, nickname<<<< The Dweaz.. That his son Brad loves him verrrry much & he is the best Dad on Earth.. Could you Please also note Ray we love the way you maintain the rage agianst this Government.. what A JOKE.. Go the Raiders for next Year.. Keep fighting Ray,, love your work.. Brad Whalan.. P.S Please keep the horse tip QUIET..... If it gets out ill be Burnt @ the stake like Bobby Brown our own PM, next election.. If you can help it dont give me up.. God Bless you Ray.. You bring so much happiness to people & you will never know.. You always there.. Cheers Brad..



Ray, what would be your

Ray, what would be your comment on an aged male with no visible signs of injury whô has had a red bandage on his head for twenty years and is calling Israel Filou a nutter?

Dear Ray.(re Dan)

Dear Ray.(re Dan)
As a 68 year old Father of a 28 year old son and a 25 year old daughter my thoughts and prayers are with you.Ray please don't be too hard on yourself.If Dan needed you before Saturday he needs your love and support more now.Please look after yourself and support Dan.
Regards Tony Creighton

Good morning RAY

Good morning RAY
A birthday wish for Bill Hammond 102 tomorrow 8/9/
Bill lives at ILUKA NSW
My wife Laraine is there with her favourite uncle
Thank you Paul Jackson

Good morning Ray,

Good morning Ray,
I have a question from my husband Fred. If Labour are keen to scrap power stations, mining and to an extent manufacturing(lack of power), what about their union members who work in these industries or are the unions also controlled by the Greens? Unions very unionised! Hope you can understand my query.
Regards, Fred

Re- Electric Cars

Re- Electric Cars

Morning Ray, This is not going to solve the problem 100% but it will reduce it by at least 50%. I have just purchased a Hybrid car to save on emissions and money. I have traveled 928 km in four weeks and used 41 lt. In my previous car I would have used 83 lt not only have I decreased the emissions I have saved $54 on petrol cost. So I think the Government should be going down this road which is more feasible, no need for charging station and you won't run out of petrol.

Why do we as viewers of Rugby

Why do we as viewers of Rugby League on TV need to see players blowing their nose on the field and spitting on the floor in the dressing rooms.
If they did this in the street and were noticed by the police they would be fined.
Seems to be happening more each week

Hey Ray lm in total disbeleaf

Hey Ray lm in total disbeleaf a work place work and safety officer glassed a 85 year old at the beenleigh sports club last saturday he has not been charged the presdant of the club is a retired police sargent the victam has demeicha its a degrace l want to be ononymous as it will impack me greatlee but l just cant let it go its a filthy dog act to do to a old man he has a terrible injury to his eye.

Ray it does not pay to listen

Ray it does not pay to listen to hear say found out the truth about the so called glassing did not happen that way at all the old fellow fell hitting his head and a glass broke on the table he was sitting at so disregard my e mail will notbe listning to gossip again till l find out the truth Sorry for waste of your time.

Terrible, pathetic service of

Terrible, pathetic service of Jetstar!
I went to wait at the gate and heard the announcements that everything on you will be weighed to ensure they are within 7kg limit or they will throw luggage away unless you pay the fine $, I have my luggage weighed well below 7kg, then they asked to weigh my handbag together which is 8kg in total. Then they didn’t want to give me the sticker to go, instead asking me to pay $60.. well I can wear extra clothing but does that need to be that impersonal? I asked that I am only 50kg, does that 1kg you really want me to put on me to let me go? Can you think that I am weighing 51kg instead? They said no, you need to follow the rule! How picky is that? I ended up have to put extra 1kg clothing on me, what’s the point? There is no safety issue they just want to grab extra money they are allowed to ‘by rule’, the staff is very impersonal and told me with grim that I am not allowed to take the extra 1kg of clothing off during the flight??! Is that how they teach their staff to be respectful and customer focused?

Never Ever ride with Jetstar, avoid them at any cost, honestly!

Hi Ray,

Hi Ray,
Apologies this is not about Jetstar, however I sure trust you can lend your voice to what could end up being medical nightmare. We live in the Beautiful Snowy mountains, it has just come to my notice that the ski fields are planning to open on the Queens Birthday weekend in June. The clowns that come and take over the town are a regular horror show, 90% have no respect for the people and town. I'm told the ski fields are privately owned and the NSW government has it hands tied. I would hate to think what this town would be like if the virus was to end up in this area. I come across to many folk in this area who put the dollar before the health of the Nation. Best Wishes, Rick

Ray, I realise that I risk

Ray, I realise that I risk getting a life ban by saying this, but having labeled heaps of people as imbeciles over the years, you should know that it is ( as in slim ). bi ( as in bit ) sil (as in window sill )..
Your research team can verify this by google or other means. They even pronounce it for you. And now Ben Fordham is copying you. It’s got to stop. Norm.

Ray is not here.....

Ray is not here.....
Here.... No Ray...
Here... Don't Fly Jetstar.