Shafted by Jetstar and my flight isnt for another 24hrs

Taking advantage of the Jetstar 2 for the price of 1 sale back in June my girlfriend and I purchased tickets to Singapore. Once we had paid for the tickets we took about 30 minutes to pick all our seats for the 4 flights, Melbourne to Darwin, Darwin to Singapore and back the same route. Its now 24hours before my flights out to Singapore and ive checked our seats, and these bastards have shoved us up the back of the rusty tin can thats going to take us there. Its still 24hours prior to my flight and jetstar are already screwing me over. What next? $12 for a day old sandwich and $15 for a warm beer whilst inflight?

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


you made a choice to fly a

you made a choice to fly a budget airline

Read the fine print Andrew.

Read the fine print Andrew. Sadly most people don't and you can be forgiven for being the trusting soul you are. Fasten your seat belts and be prepared. Don't even think of complaining to them because you will get nowhere. The only way to get back at them is to vote with your feet and never fly with them again. And word of mouth is brilliant.......warn everyone you know and tell them they are fools if they think they are going to have a pleasant journey. What's the best thing you will ever hear on Jetstar? "We've landed".

Seat assignment is a

Seat assignment is a preference only, not a guaranteed seat allocation. Your conditions of carriage state this. Ask the airport staff if they can move you.

So seat allocation is like a

So seat allocation is like a lottery ticket? You pay a fee and there's a chance that you'll get the seat that you've chosen?
That's the 2011 version of the 'Aussie Fair go' for you!

You don't always pay a fee.

You don't always pay a fee. Only Jetsaver Light people pay a seat fee, and anyone who chooses an exit row or a seat in the front 4 rows. Do your research and you would know this. Sometimes the airport staff/cabin crew need to move people in order to accommodate people with disabilities or keep families with children sitting together. The majority of people who pay for an exit seat or upfront seat will get what they wanted. If they don't, the money is refunded. It is not unfair in any way. It's a seat for gods sake, why does it matter what exact seat.

@ Andrew - Jetstar aren't

@ Andrew - Jetstar aren't always cheap on routes to Asia. In future you could fly Melbourne > KL & KL > Singapore on Air Asia, alternatively Air Brunei have some very good pricing SOMETIMES and they fly Melbourne > Brunei > Singapore. Check their website.

@ Ben - what you say isn't always right.. some time back a complainant on this website lost his extra legroom seat when the flight was rescheduled by Jetstar - when he complained about losing his extra legroom seat the Jetstar staff told him he'd have to rebook & pay for the seat again. I believe what you claim - it's just a pity that many customers seem to get conflicting information from Jetstar staff- which would be a yet another Jetstar problem right?

Back in February I booked a

Back in February I booked a return trip to the Gold Coast. Because I have had two knee replacements I always book seat 1F and pay the extra. Until yesterday this seat had always been allocated. When I checked in electronically I found that I had been allocated seat 4E. I complained at the check-in gate and was told to tell the flight crew. This was the beginning of my real live nightmare. The female flight attendant said I was not entitled to seat 1F because the person sitting in it - a young able-bodied male about 30 years my junior - had paid extra. I explained that I had too but she insisted I hadn't. I suggested she could ask him to sit in 4E and I could sit in 1F as this was Jetstar's mistake and she should sort it out. She refused and said I could sit in 4E or get off the plane if I was unhappy or disgruntled . I explained I was ill with pneumonia and needed to get back home so I was left with no choice but to sit in 4E. At this point, the flight attendant blocked the aisle to prevent me from going to the seat, saying that she was not having a disgruntled passenger on her flight and if I refused to leave she would call the AFP. Hoping that the AFP would see some sense, I told her to do so. I was extremely distressed by this time and felt humiliated as the AFP escorted me acrosss the tarmac although they assured me that I was not under arrest! It was not until I was inside the terminal that I was informed that this was the last flight for the night. I was fortunate that the ground staff organised transport for me from the airport, although I had to wait for an hour, and I had accommodation that I could call on. Others might not have been so lucky. However this incident meant that I had to cancel appointments for today and impose on someone to drive me the 50 Km back to the airport. The moral of this story is don't complain or you will be labelled a trouble-maker and could find yourself having to spend the night at an airport. Jetstar is not the problem - you are!