Shitty services

My husband and i made it way before time to the airport and got our baggage tag printed and in line for to drop our bag.Despite being 30mins way before time we were stuck in line and by the time we reached the front of the counter we were told baggage counter was closed and have to take next flight to our destination and had to pay extra $50.We both had work to reach but bcz of the shitty service we could not make it on time and are stuck.Got next flight at 5.20pm.Almost 12 hours delyd.P.s the supervisor needs to learn how to talk to customers.She is so unprofessional.Plz jetstar train your staffs well so that when situation arises the least the staffs could do is talk nicely instead of talking rudely and turning their backs on us.Just petheic Jetstar.We travel wit jetstar everyweek but never again.

New Zealand-Auckland


I obviously don't know for

I obviously don't know for sure but if your flight was anything like ours, the line likely went very slowly because many passengers were ambushed by Jetstar's nasty "excess" baggage fees. When Jetstar increased our baggage fees by over 500%, our pleas for some modicum of sanity likely slowed down our line as well. I apologize for those behind us but we just couldn't believe an airline would treat us that way.