Slater & Gordon Class Action for Refunds/Vouchers after Jetstar cancels flights.

I booked a return airfare from Tasmania to Melbourne in February 2020, the flight was for the 7th September 2020 returning the 10th. Last night the 4th August I get an email stating that Jetstar had cancelled the flight due to Covid. They sent a link to receive a voucher which is useless to me and there was a obscure refund option which I could not access so I went to the useless virtual "Jess" chat to see how to access the refund which was terribly confusing and eventually said that they could no longer assist me due to the high demand of customers. I went back to the original site and saw a "reimbursement" so thought yea reimbursement means refund as per the dictionary so I clicked on that thinking I was going to get a refund. Nope next morning I contacted the live chat only to have a person who was rude and obnoxious who said that no way I would receive a refund. I copy and pasted info from the ACCC stating that airlines must give a refund if the airline cancels the flights. I asked to speak with her supervisor and the cheeky bitch put me on hold for 4 hours in the meantime being a smartarse dominant bitch. Eventually I chatted with the supervisor who was polite but firm that I could not get the refund. While I was waiting I Googled refunds from airlines and came across Slater and Gordon Lawyers who have a registration for a Class Action against airlines who avoid giving refunds and fuck around with vouchers. Check out their link:
I highly recommend everyone to register with Slater & Gordon if anything it gives you satisfaction that action will be taken against Jetstar.

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Jetstar have also put in

Jetstar have also put in place a "staged hang up" for customers insisting on a refund such as myself.
I asked to speak to a manager after I was refused a refund. They put me on hold and continued to come back saying “The manager is still busy, am I happy to wait?
I continued to reply yes.
This continued to happen for about half an hour. Finally the same lady came back saying:
“Hello, hello are you there? When I replied "yes I am," she kept saying over me, "Hello, I can't hear you, are you there ? Are you there? And I was there saying "Im here, I can hear you."
Then she hung up on me! I was fuming!!!
I could tell by her tone that this was fake the first time she said "Hello, are you there?"
Part of social language is that you pause after you ask a question to hear the answer/reply. She didn't pause, to hear if I was there, she continued to say "Sorry I can't hear you" over me. Her false acting gave her ploy away!

I rang again two weeks later. This time my husband was on the line with me too.
Same process happened!!! The staged "Hello, hello are you still there?, after we wouldn't give up on requesting to speak to a manager-- to my husband’s disbelief the staged "Hello, hello, sorry I can't hear you, are you still there" happened to him too.
I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this staged act??????

I had the exact same

I had the exact same experience, I was on hold for like an hour after asking to speak with a manager and they kept coming back......I thought I had just peeved this individual off and it was a personal attack when she came back saying hello are you there as I was loudly stating I'm here I can hear you as she hung up....but clearly this is a technique the company is using, it is unbelievable the lack of care and disregard Jetstar has for its paying customers.....

Thing is the Slater and

Thing is the Slater and Gordon class action appears to be nothing more than a big list they are collecting. How long have they been taking submissions for the class action? When will they actually START the class action? Don't hold your breath! People will surely continue to apply to slater and gordon for help, so where does it end?!? I asked Slater and Gordon re approx time they will start proceedings- in months, in years? You'd like to know, yes? I got no reply once that query was made. What is the list for in reality?