So cold...

I flew 4 fights with Jetstar this week. Melbourne to Cairns to Bali and return. All cities were over 30 degreesC. The temperature on all flights was freezing. I had a cardigan but I was shivering. Why are they making it so cold? I told the flight attendant but he was unconcerned but did offer me a $15 blanket. My daughter had a huge knee in her back so she couldn't sit back in her seat. The flight attendant said about the man in the seat behind "he can't help it, he has long legs..." I felt they just didn't care.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


I recently bought a flight

I recently bought a flight with Jetstar Cards - but they didnt accept them as payment!!! Still arguing 3 weeks later that ive paid them - they are still investigating!!!!