Stuck in Darwin 4 days like live sheep export - but sheep get water.

In very brief summary
Perth to Bali - Valcano popped its top, OK we get that, diverted to Darwin told by pilot we have 1 hour to get off plane clear customs, immigration, check back in and sit in same seats for take off back to Perth.
2 hours later still at check in, hot, humid not even access to water unless you have a pocket full of Aus coins, which we did'nt. Check in counter staff (3) told each passenger 3 different options. We chose to stay and try and fly Dar/Bali next day. Phone call centre for instructions and updates we were told. Nightmare starts at this point. Hung up on, dont understand english, cant understand the word Volcano, hung up again, no supervisor for you !! They offered to cancel all of our flights, or book us our flight back from Bali. (We are in Bali apparently).

Jet Star did pay for accom and a meal though. Next day back to airport for another 3 hours waiting like sheep, told no plane for you ! The state Manager did fly in from Bali that morning (not on a Jstar flight) and advised us our options. We were told we could try again next morning and if no plane to Bali then they would fly us back to Perth via Qantas as they dont fly to Perth. Go back to your hotel and wait further instructions, Yeah right !

Next day, again call centre dont even understand we are in Darwin (we are lost in a system somewhere) no sms, no emails no nothing. We hang around hotel till mid afternoon, call the call centre again .. blah blah blah. Then we get a message to say a plane is going to Bali, shame that by this stage it is just about to land there ! Phone call to Qantas asking about our flight to Perth they have no record of a booking for us. She tried very hard not to laugh.

Fuming by this stage we walk back to airport and find the staff hiding in their little room out the back and demand action. They told us nope your there at your own peril, we state Jets star has been paying for the hotel for the last two days, told you need to book and pay for your own flight back to Perth, No we say the State Manager told your staff to book our flight !, she quizzes me for his name as apparently they have many State Managers in Darwin, it was getting very very hard by this point. I explained the call centre problems and she smirks at me and informs me "that there is no overseas calls centre and it is based in Melbourne which is very multicultural dont you know?"

I had steam coming out of my ears by this stage, she made the correct and safe decision to go and book our flights to Perth. We paid for our own accomodation and meals for another day. Next day we fly home to the domestic airport but we flew out from international, nobody would pay for the transfer for us.

Sent a very detailed 5 page letter to David Hall CEO seeking compensation by registered mail, he phoned me and thanked me for the detailed letter and said he would make this right and would send it off for a full investigation. This filled me with some home, yeah I know but I am knew to the Jet Star experience.

Received a standard blah blah letter back.

I have sent him another detailed letter stating I am claiming against their Customer Guarantee Charter and showed him the 12 odd breaches to this charter. Did I mention their duty of care to provide us water while officially in their care.

I intend on writing to him every other week until I get a response, I have posted a full copy of my detailed horror story to 16 different departments and media outlets.

I have a new hobby.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Get over it

Get over it

To previous Anonymous - I'm

To previous Anonymous -
I'm normally pretty outspoken about the garbage people complain about on this site. But complaints like this I think are warranted. The should be better communication between the airports and call centre in situations like this.

da first anonymous on this

da first anonymous on this post must b da 1 who alwayz sticks up 4 jetstar. he works 4 jetstar and luvs dem so muh so he always deffends them. he is jus full f shit so iggnore him. jetstar sux and they r all dogz

Actually Remmy, the one you

Actually Remmy, the one you are referring to is me (the one that always pays you out), and I was the one that posted 2nd. I don't know who the 1st one was. And I don't know how many time you need to be told I don't work for Jetstar.

Actually, Point six of their

Actually, Point six of their charter does cover the above, ie YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Just thought I would clear that up. Incidentally a wise man once said "The poor man always pays twice".