Just a while ago, I received an email from Jetstar regarding credit card verification which requires the card owner to be physically present at the check in counter in order for the flight to be confirmed MNL-SNG-MNL. So I called their customer service hotline to verify this. All she said was it's their policy and it only applies to Singapore flights ONLY. And if the owner can't physically present the card at the counter, I should pay cash for the ticket price and they will refund the payment made from by the card holder after 15 days. So I asked the agent why it won't suffice if I have presented an authorisation letter and copy of valid ID signed by the card holder (which were the case for other airlines)... Also, the bank sends a confirmation message to the card holder upon purchase of any goods with a significant amount or such. Therefore, if the bank doesn't get any complaints from the card holder, it shouldn't be considered "fraudulent" since the card owner has been made aware of it. And the agent's response was just "I know sir it's a hassle for you, but it's company policy".

How can you argue with such reasoning? No LOGIC at all! Thank you for the inconvenience and crappy service Jetstar!



Yes, other airlines are good

Yes, other airlines are good with an authorization letter but it seems JetStar just wants to be pain in the ass in everything that it deals.

The 15 day refund period is

The 15 day refund period is just a start of the waiting period. If you read the numerous complains on Jetstar's own Facebook you will note that most people are waiting much longer than that. in one case I remember someone who was waiting for 4 months. Section 26 of the Fair Trading Act stipulates that refunds must be done promptly and in a reasonable period. Jetstar has mastered the art of delaying complaints. If you don't receive your refund within 14 days don't fall into their communication loop. Send an email via their web page and clearly tell them that if a refund does not show in your account within 5 working days that you will lodge a case in your state's small claims tribunal. If they don't comply then lodge your complaint without delay. It is simple and very effective. If you try to logic with them you will be waiting for months. The only way to deal with these assholes is to hit them as hard as you can. As your own experience shows they do not understand logic. After fighting them for almost 6 months I realized only one thing about Jetstar. The company is managed by a bunch of imbeciles and morons.

Regarding 'stupid credit

Regarding 'stupid credit verification rule' All airlines have this rule. Check it out before complaining.

@Geoffery - I notice you

@Geoffery -

I notice you have commented on a couple of posts recently, with your view always along the lines of Jetstar being a good airline, nothing wrong with them blah blah .. Do you work for them or are you simply an imbecile? (Perhaps both?)

The reality experienced by many many people, as documented on this site, is quite the opposite. Do you think all the posts are fabrications? Perhaps this website is not the best place for you to spend your spare time?

In the scenario mentioned by Tobi (above) without ANY doubt if he paid "again" (via cash) he would face an almighty struggle to extract a refund from Jetsar. As Amir commented, they have mastered the art of fucking people around and furthermore appear to enjoy doing it. I speak from personal experience.

Tobi - best option is simply never ever fly Jetstar - vote with your wallet. More room on the plane for you Geoffery ! Oh, sorry I forgot, you would be in the galley anyway.

Totally agree Tony's comment

Totally agree Tony's comment from personal experiance

Tony you may be right - but

Tony you may be right - but there is a hell of a lot of complaints on here by people who whine when they clearly ;

a) Don't read the conditions

b) Make a mistake

- Then they seem to want to blame someone else. Booking a flight is not brain surgery.