System crashes and Im forced to pay

Absolutely disgusted with Jetstar. I have had 3 supervisors admited that the system crashed around the time i purchased my 2 adult flights from melbourne to denpasar and never recieved a confirmation e-mail. Therefore it was until i called up 5 days later that I had found out that my flights were booked for the 10th not the 17th of june. Asking the supervisor JEFF why this had happened was told the system crashed recently and on occassions puts peoples flights back or forward a week. he then explained that there was nothing he could do, even thoguh he admited fault, and it would cost me $550 to fix. I refused asking for the call to be escalated and have someone within Australia to call me- this was in December 2011 By the middle of January I called back wanting to know what was going (still no itenary recieved) and was told the same thing. Again requested for an escaltion team member to call me. By febuary I had become beyond frustrated that I went into the Jetstar terminal at melbourne airport and was told by Martin he would do what he could to get someone to call me with 48 hours. It has now been a week and a half. Ive sent 2 customer care feedback complaints and still no one calls. Ive spent the better part of today complaining to 4 different people just trying to get them to fix it and keep getting told Pay to change or fly on the 10th. If i could fly on the 10th I owuld however I too have a job and cant just go oh by the way im extending my holidays. I have since put in a complaint via e-mail to the ceo and will be calling the head office number supplied here tomorrow. I urge everyone to contact a current affair as I have done so an investigation can be launched into Jetstars disgusting customer committment and service. I WILL NEVER FLY JETSTAR AGAIN NOR WILL MANY OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine
Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


6 more phone calls, e-mails

6 more phone calls, e-mails to all the address provided by chris and still noone can call or even answer their phones. Ive tried head off ice 8 times but the dumb bitch (This is exactly what she is) refuses to put me through to anyone and keeps sending me back to the god damn phillapines call centre- what part of I dont fucking want to talk to the dickheads stuck over there in your call centre do you not understand. thats ok bitch ill just keep busting your balls

I think Jetstar is out to

I think Jetstar is out to cheat money at times. I do not understand why I need to pay for credit card charges per person even I done my groups booking under 1 booking reference. Transactions charges to credit card company normally is a 1 time payment per bookings and multiple.