Thank GOD I wasn't this poor man...

I am an American who was visiting Australia this past May and had the unfortunate opportunity to experience Jetstar first hand. I was on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane and the man sitting in the aisle seat across from me was listening to his ipod with his eyes closed, apparently asleep. The flight attendant who obviously hated her job with a passion tried to get the man's attention to tell him that electronic devices had to be turned off until after takeoff. When he didn't respond quick enough to suit her, she yanked the ipod from his hands an angrily said "I told you this needs to be turned off, do you understand me??!" ---just like a mother scolding her child. When the man protested to being treated so rudely and abusive he was escorted off the plane. I was embarrassed for the poor guy so I made it a point to give him my phone number in front of the other passengers and the flight attendant and told him I would be his witness to anything legal he wanted to bring up against them.

Funny, that the flight attendant was very cold and icy with me during the flight to Brisbane and did not once make eye contact with me or even say goodbye as we deplaned.

I personally will never fly them again. In the America, yanking someone's personal property out of their hands like she did would fall under an assault charge.

I was just wondering, has anyone ever seen any type of satisfaction from these complaints? Do you have something similar to Better Business Bureau or a consumer affairs agency you can write to? What usually happens in these cases?

I am curious because this airline seems to have a long history of performance issues and complaints. How do they stay in business, I wonder?




I think our equivalent would

I think our equivalent would probably be the Department of Fair Trading.

NSW Fair Trading
QLD Fair Trading

Unfortunately this type of

Unfortunately this type of unprofessional behaviour is becoming more and more uncommon. An incident which should bring about instant termination of employment is just swept under the carpet.