I Struggled to get my refund for a flight that Jetstar cancelled.
Finally got the refund after 6 weeks and heaps of phone calls and emails plus $100 flight voucher for my inconvenience.
I gave up on calling "customer service' in Manilla and found a few email addresses on this website so sent them off with my complaint, received an email almost immediately apologising and advising they would tell the Finance Dpt to make my refund a priority...I had the money back in my bank account within a couple of days
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What was the email address

What was the email address you finally used to get some attention.?

It was actually the CEO of

It was actually the CEO of Jetstar's email address which I found in one of the "complaint's" emails on this site...I tried to find the email address for you but have unfortuantely deleted it...If you scroll through all the complaints back to 19/2/13 there is one titled VCAT ACTION AGAINST it he has given out the CEO's email address (I'd rather not name names or put out email adresses myself but it's easy to find)