Told OK to make future changes to flight if charges paid

Unable to use original booking for 4 so I was advised I could make a generic booking if I paid the $50 per person charge, then when I know when we wanted to travel I could change the date for no extra fee. They were only $72 tickets so you would question whether it is worthwhile paying the extra $50 anyhow! I paid the charges as I thought I would use them at sometime (within 12 months). Even though I don't need to use them I thought we would have a weekend away so I phoned up only to be told the rules say every change incurs an extra charge. Why the hell would I decide to pay 2 X $50 to save a $72 ticket that I can buy for $69. Doesn't matter how much you complain they have to refer to the rules even if they don't apply them. The main issue is I made the payment relying on advise from Jetstar only to find out that was untrue. I otherwords I was lied to and they will not refund the $200 fee even though it was taken illegally because they gave me wrong information to get the money out of me, rightly or wrongly. I had read the rules but relied on advise from Jetsar which was misleading and incorrect. Don't trust them.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


The process is known as

The process is known as changing your flight/s to a dummy date, and then waiving fees the next time you call back to change. It's rarely offered, and goes against the fare rules. Ask to speak to a supervisor and explain it. If you end up changing to a more expensive ticket, expect to be charged fare difference.

Damn... want anymore proof?

Damn... want anymore proof? It's all a scam, isnt it. Actually conning people into changing the date, then charging them extra. Never ever fly with these crooks.

agree will not book them

agree will not book them again

NEXT TIME you want to change

NEXT TIME you want to change something u idiots choose JETSAVER not jetsaver-light u dull....... you are a idiot to think jetsaver light will let you change and cancel and refunds? wake up please.. you know you cant do all that with jetsaver light to beging with... geez......... pisses me off to hear carbage from most people.