U2 father and son weekend

Great, another place to vent my extreme annoyance of the attrocious handling of a flight delay which caused my son and I and about 40 other people to miss, the much anticipated U2 concert in Auckland on Nov 26.
depressingly bad customer service and no backup plan ( or plane) for such a major event for many people.
This was a momented when the expression " gutted" can be said to be the most applicable.
The flight was delayed 5 and half hours and I think everyone that night, wont fly this company again!!

New Zealand-Christchurch
New Zealand-Auckland


Depressingly bad customer

Depressingly bad customer service? How about NO customer service.
Yes, lets hope none of those passengers ever fly with jetstar again.

this all started in Sydney on

this all started in Sydney on the Thursday. Bloody disgraceful. All because a pilot did not show up!!!

The airline does not care and could not give a stuff about you and your travel plans.

they are arrogant Asses.

I went to 3 U2 concerts and

I went to 3 U2 concerts and they were absolutely awesome. Easily enough I flew Jetstar to sydney for the concert and they were well on time.

I was on that flight as well,

I was on that flight as well, however I have taken an advice from Jetstar and bought a very expensive AirNZ tickets. They suppose to refund them, but now they refuse to do so, so I am taking the case to the Disputes Tribunal.

That was a great concert, by the way!