Today l booked a Jetstar flight to Melbourne on Sunday. The web page only gave 3 flight choices, two in the morning and one in the afternoon at 2.45 so l booked it for $198. I then got sent my itinerary which said l booked a 9.55 flight arriving at after midnight! My God! How could that happen! I phoned them and they wanted to charge me an EXTRA $225 to change the booking comprising of $75 charge to change and $44 for talking to them on the phone and a difference in the flight cost. I argued with them for over an hour and eventually had to pay an extra $74.

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


Time and time again people

Time and time again people make mistakes and pay for it dearly in the Jetstar system. The best way to avoid problems is to pay by direct deposit always. This way you can print off the itinerary - check everything then pay by direct deposit when your absolutely convinced you have booked correctly.

Lots of complaints on this site relate to people who incorrectly race in and book making mistakes along the way. Changes to bookings with Jetstar are met always with grief. Take your time, read the steps and make sure you choose direct deposit as the payment option to avoid mistakes.

Scoot airline give you a 12hr

Scoot airline give you a 12hr window awesome customer service.

Thanks Peter Finch....I agree

Thanks Peter Finch....I agree with the double checking part, however what do you say when the website actually changes your flight dates???

This is what happened to me, and I have video proof of me choosing the dates I wanted and then for some reason when you go to the next page it changes the return date to come back one day earlier?

Surely this is the fault of the airline due to a fault in their website?