Back in July we booked a return trip Auckland -Wellington to see the World of Wearable Arts .Unfortunatley due to ill health i can not make the trip ,so decided to let my partners sister take my place. This is where it turned to custard to change the name on the booking cost another $280.00 this was after they let me of $80.00 because of ill health .Trying to point out to someone that cant speak english that they are profiteering from my misfortune fell on deaf ears .this idiot was programmed like a robot to follow company policy .Even after pointing out that most weeks i fly to Christchurch and back on jetstar and also pay for employees to do the same trip periodically he wouldn't 0r couldn't comprehend that it was going to cost them another customer who will never ever fly jetstar again .believe it or not the original airfare was only $190.00

New Zealand-Auckland
New Zealand-Wellington


Keith you could have talked

Keith you could have talked the ceo and nothing would have changed , this is how they make their money , they know lots and lots for people need change times and names .
the people that you talk to at the call centre are just script readers , you will not get a free cracker from jetstar unless some regulation says they have to .