Unreasonable Demand from Call Center

I booked online a return flight on behalf on my Indonesian friend who doesn't understand English for a return flight from Singapore to Surabaya. Departure flight was scheduled to be on 15th August 2011 but unfortunately due to tight schedule, my friend need to postpone the departure date to 25th August 2011.

On 12th August 2011, I called JS Call Center on behalf of my friend to request for the change and the call center lady say she needs to speak to my friend but I told her that my friend could not understand ENglish so I am here to speak on behalf. She say I can't speak on behalf as I was not authorised to do so. But i told her that I was the one who did the online booking and paid using my credit card and why is it that i am not authorised to speak on behalf? Then she say that is the company policy to speak to the person whose name is printed on the booking confirmation email.

I asked her how do you want to communicate with my freind when he can't even understand what you are saying. She told me that she just want to hear his voice!!! How ridiculous was that???? That doesnt even make sense if you just want to hear his voice then i can simply get anyone to answer your call right?? I have given her all the verification requirement and all that she want is to hear his voice for a "YES"???

After all this long conversation, I just realised that my friend needs to fork out another SGD250 on top of the original price for the changes and I just hang up the call. Ended up,my friend flew with Kris Flyer at a cheaper rate.

To Jetstar Management, if you insist on flying internaltional serving different regions, please make sure you have someone who can speak their language to serve this community. Not everyone flying Jetstar can speak only English or Mandarin.



I had the same problem with a

I had the same problem with a booking I made for my sister. The issue is that I put her as the contact on the booking as well as the passenger. I work in customer service for an insurance company and we have the same problem. It's the privacy laws in Australia. Every booking I make for someone else with Jetstar, or any company, I put me as the contact so I can speak to them about the booking if I have to. You can't blame the person on the end of the phone, they didn't make the privacy laws. It annoys me at my work when people want to talk about their husbands insurance policies and they are listed as allowed to then they yell at me for it. It's easy to avoid the confusion, just put yourself as the contact on the booking.