Upgrade to Business Class

At 5.00pm today, I wanted to upgrade my economy seat to Business class. I saw the business class airfare was $749.00 and thought the difference would be around $310 for the upgrade. The lady on the phone told me it was going to be $600 plus. I said you got to be kidding and asked her the check the prices on the internet. She put me on hold and 15 mins later told me that the airfare on the website is no longer $749 and it should be $1049 and the difference I have to pay is going to be $800 plus. I thought they manipulated the price change in the website and said I will be better off paying $749 and forfeit the economy class airfare if that's the case. I asked for the supervisor and was put on hold for another 20 - 30 mins because they were not free. Then a man who sound like from the Philippines answered the phone and said the fare was $749 on the web, while i have the $1049 on my computer screen. He said that's wrong so i refresh my screen again and it went back to $749.
He then told me that i have to pay $602 per person to upgrade.
All this conversation took me more than 1 hour and the result for me is never trust to fly this airline ever again.
They can manipulate fares on the computer while we are on the phone and this is not right.

Indonesia-Denpasar (Bali)


Hi David..... I have the same

Hi David..... I have the same problem when I change my booking just this week. Unfortunately, I had a family emergency and had to change my booking. To my surprise the new fare I have to pay is inflated almost 100% the fare price shown on the internet and also the price that they gave me at call center.

There is a discrepancy I think and every time I asked at Call Center to just explain to me why there is so much difference they start to sound angry and the tone changes and they can't even give me a reason as to why the new fare is higher.

I can understand If they have to charge me more for a higher fare type since we are not supposed to change to a lower fare BUT when they did change my booking to the price 2x more, my fare type remained the lowest started fare instead of the Starter Fare plus Max which has the same price as the fare I got charged. (+400 more).

After posting of the Business

After posting of the Business upgrade, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Jetstar the next day that they are able to upgrade our return flight to Bali for under $400 per person.

I don't mean to kick up a storm but I felt that I was not treated correctly the first time around.

Now here's hoping that we are treated well on the plane. I will be back for feedback.

wow you're very lucky.... I

wow you're very lucky....

I hope all the best for you. I am so worried about my flight, travelling with 2 toddlers and pregnant- on my own coz my grandma is in Intensive Care I have to go a lot earlier nobody else can come with me and can't afford to pay the higher fare I got charged but I don't want to argue with the Call Center too much, they already gave me an attitude just by asking to explain how the fares got higher.

Yeah, I hope that they don't put a note against people that complain because I don't want to cry in front of people because Jetstar employees think I'm just a whinging customer and treat me indifferently.. sigh :/ no peace of mind here at all.