Watch out for Qantas code share bookings

Booked a return flight with Qantas Brisbane Sydney. Flew Qantas to Sydney, then discovered I was on Jetstar operated code share back. There was no capacity to check in on line. I arrived at the airport check in counters with 5 minutes to spare. Tried the machine console ... did't work, so had to queue up for the check in desk (I had no baggage). I was told I had missed the cut off by about three minutes. The check in girl phoned someone to see if the flight was closed and I was told I couldn't be checked in because the paperwork had gone to the Captain. I complained to the "Customer service desk to no avail and to the Duty Manager to no avail and was informed that for $80 they would get me on the only flight available which was six hours later. I paid my money and found out my flight left 15 minutes late with my seat still empty.
When I got back to my checkin lounge six hours later, that flight was displayed as being one hour late. I arrived back in Brisbane after midnight instead of 4.45 pm. They failed to offer me a qantas flight with a Jetstar code share of which there were five between my closed out flight. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AGAIN.



Lionel - First of all, you

Lionel - First of all, you were probably using your Qantas booking reference number to try and check in online when in fact you would have needed the Jetstar booking reference which is different. Secondly, YOU were late. You arrived with 5 mins to spare, That is completely your own problem. One hour before the departure is what is recommended. I have been in a similar situation with Qantas at busy peak hour in the morning, and they made me pay for an entire new ticket. Jetstar could have done this, but they charged you a transfer fee (or late fee) instead. Which would you have preferred? Thirdly, Regardless if the flight departed 15 mins late or not, the paperwork had been printed for the captain. Airlines do not alter this once check in has closed. Sometimes last minute delays happen that are unexpected (air traffic control directions, baggage loading, engineering etc). Finally, you were on a Qantas marketed flight operated by Jetstar. If I were you I would have gone over to Qantas to see if they could get you on an earlier flight.

Sorry but the fact is you wouldn't have had this issue if you were on time.

hang so if you fly codeshare

hang so if you fly codeshare QF on JQ you check in at JQ? doesn't sound right to me.
why didn't you go to QF desk and get them to sort you out?

There you go theres your

There you go theres your problem young lad

you were 5 minutes late
You most likely brought tickets via QANTAS and not direct from jetstar .com
Plus you may posibly not check-in via jetstar and you should have done so by log into and not directly from qantas.
Of course you can do it that way after all qantas owns jetstar but you should of do it directly at jetstar .com whatever the case may be bookings so on.

I arrived on time and as it

I arrived on time and as it was a Qantas booking I went to Qantas check in. They turned me away and advised that I had to check in at Jetstar. If I'd gone to Jetstar check in first I would have made the flight. There is no logic and no guidelines to follow from the airlines. Inadequate procedural guidelines create unpleasant situations. No attempt was made by Jetstar to look for a seat on an earlier Qantas operated codeshare flight, which of course operated from Terminal 3 when I was in Terminal 2. Bottom line ... no real interest in customer service.

If you had telephoned Qantas

If you had telephoned Qantas in advance they would have sent your jetstar boarding pass via SMS to your phone.

Great to know ... I will keep

Great to know ... I will keep it in mind if I ever weaken and fly JetStar again!