This website is great

Had a few horror stories on Jetstar with domestic NZ flights, such as cancellations, lost baggage, huge delays and inabilities to fly (back on cancellations) when AirNZ are taking off to the same destinations at the same times but after reading through this I realise their international flights are no different and that it wasn't a one off and just bad luck for me.

I hadn't heard much about their international flights but considered the risk to save a few hundred each way per person.

Will be paying the extra few hundred dollars for my partner and I to take an alternative to Cambodia. I want to enjoy our holiday.

Thanks guys, you've been incredibly helpful.

New Zealand-Auckland
Cambodia-Phnom Penh


Such a badly run airline.

Such a badly run airline. Avoid at all cost.
Example: flight to ZQN. Every body waiting on there luggage. No one claiming bags. Wrong container loaded onto aircraft. God knows where the ZQN bags are. Only Jetstar could get this so wrong. Run by monkeys.

Jetstar, or rather NO STAR

Jetstar, or rather NO STAR should be permanently grounded or awarded Australia's best Bullshiter.

I have personally had 5 Jetstar flights canceled due to engineering problems...IF THAT'S THE CASE GROUND THEM PERMANENTLY.
Its just to fill their 1/2 full sectors.
Today was the last straw, on a Christchurch to Sydney JQ140. up at 2:30 am to be at the airport by 3:30 and only find out at 6am the flight has been cancelled!!!
Enough is Enough.

Luckily, I was polishing an old copper pot when I got home when a Genie Popped out and gave me one wish...
I asked for a road linking Australia & New Zealand so I could avoid flying with Jetstar.

He said that's extremely hard, anything else?

I said OK can you fix Jetstar's Service & Efficiency please?

HE SAID...OK How many lanes do you want?