what no sick bags//////// hostie do you speak english

My partner and I are not large people but we still had to sit like sardines on our flight 11 hours to Hawaii forget using a lap top but you can use the jetstar ipad at cost of course .We had a cause to get our sick bags from the seat pockets as our plane was caught in turbulance arriving back in Sydney last Monday .There were no bags in anyone's seat pockets .The toilets were dirty and my partner was in a queue at the Sydney airport toilets when we finally arrived. The other ladies had the same opinion.This and the sick bags was confirmed by the husbands and partners I waited with, outside the ladies toilets at the airport . I asked the Asian Hostie for a donation envelope to put money for our left over US dollars and change in and she returned with a migration form . She smiled and didn't understand .
I often fly Jetstar interstate and the cramped conditions are tolerated because of the cost by all passengers, as most flights are 2-3 hour maximum ,BUT the planes are clean ,the hosties cant do enough for you . The sick bags and all literature is up to date ( Bravo). The Aussie tourists who I went on bus trips and night sailing dinners called Jetstar International ( Poverty Pack Airlines ) what a shame you are letting our domestic Airline's name down .. Shame on you .

Cancelled my trip back from Hawaii to Melbourne (same holiday DRAMA)
Yes !we were told trip on your return trip from Hawaii you cant go via Melbourne (they had simly cancelled the flight @weeks before and you now have to go via Sydney and be a day late and pay for your own accommodation . I may say we payed and planned this trip 4 months earlier.So we loose a days pay ,taxi fees to and from the airport and payed $200.00 a night accommodation.
Wow how things have changed Qantas payed for your inconvenience in the old day about ( 5 years ago).
Im going back to Qantas international.

United States-Honolulu


i like it

i like it

Im not sure who I understand

Im not sure who I understand least - the hostie who 'do you speak english' - or Neil?