What you can or cannot do to get help

Firstly, DON'T bother trying to phone Jetstar! It's so easy to fob you off, and even if they were to give you 'lip service' you have NO record of it. Business should only be done in writing. Yes, writing to them may not get you anywhere, but at least you have a record of their 'customer neglect'. The only way I got written responses that even remotely related to my issue, was through Airline Customer Advocate in Australia. But I must say they did little to be an 'advocate' for the customer; they really just act as a go-between to pass messages to and from Jetstar. But I believe Jetstar is OBLIGED to reply. ACCC and Consumer Affairs denied offering help - it's "not their area". Legal Aid and Justice Connect also refused any help.

If you'd like to buy a tee-shirt showing your personal disgust, go to Vistaprint and order one with your wording on it, then WEAR the tee-shirt, and take photos of it being worn in public, and send the pics to jetstar if possible, as I did. Only costs about $25- worth every cent to me. Get one for your partner, family too! If you're unable to create the Tee shirt, look for my listing on ebay.com.au where you can buy it and I can send to you. I can happily get it for you with your personal comment. Car magnet too. I dont make anything- on principle, if I was wealthy I'd do it for free! Bad news travels fast- maybe less travellers with Jeststar will be some satisfaction. Make THEM lose money too! I hate them so much! ACCC has recently released a document about Airlines, including Jetstar, saying they should consider giving refunds to those suffering financial hardship. Dont give up! That's how they win, by wearing you out. All the more I will forever make my grievance known, if nothing else. Can't believe our authorities LET them get away with the rip-offs! If I was 'ripped off' for an ebay purchase for example, I'd be PROTECTED! Most ANY business who keeps your money would be made to repay by law!!!!

As I understand it, if Jetstar are the ones who change the date of your travel, not you, then you are supposedly entitled to a refund. As with my travel set for June 2020. No flights due to covid, yet they somehow are able to get away with some obscure excuse re why a refund is not offered. Thier 'excuse' is that I originally PAID with a voucher! What the! NOT possible, didnt happen. This lip-service was apparently ok with ACA, they just passed on the crap message, then cancelled my complaint!! PS WHO owns/runs ACA anyway??

Thing is the Slater and Gordon class action appears to be nothing more than a big list they are collecting. How long have they been taking submissions for the class action? When will they actually START the class action? I think don't hold your breath! People will surely continue to apply to slater and gordon for help, so where does it end?!? I asked Slater and Gordon re approx time they will start proceedings- in months, in years? You'd like to know, yes? I got no reply once that query was made. What is the list for in reality?

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Maybe this is the t-shirt you

Maybe this is the t-shirt you are referring to?
It is the only one I can find on ebay.
Jetstar ripoff t-shirt