wheelchair accssability

JETSTAR hi everybody just a short story on how I was treated by Jet Star on September 2 I had booked a holiday to go to Thailand I had been two years previous with Jet Star my travel agent Mark has organized the last three years2016 and 2017 had no problem this year we booked the flights my travel agent rang head office to make sure everything would be okay before the flights were booked they said it will be the same as the last two years if I have two carers they would supply help 2 men to help transfer me the last two years I have taken my own sling we put it under me and 4 people grab a corner each and throw me into the aircraft seat 4 days before I flew out my travel agent Mark rang Qantas to make sure everything was okay they guaranteed it or good I got to the baggage desk they checked all my baggage through and put a sticker on my wheelchair and got me a upper body harness for the plane made sure it was the right size all good told me to be at gate 12 at 130 so I went through customs all okay 3 1/2 hours waiting around the airport and I was at gate 12 at 1:10 they call me to go up to the desk for loading when some Dick was there to say no where not going to board you now me and my carers were Lost for words I rang my travel agent Mark straight away and told him so I put that Dick on the phone to him he said head office will ring you in 20 minutes and were still waiting for that phone call they refunded three airfares in five days but now I gotta fight my insurance to get 19 days resort refund back and/or the organization for the wheelchair van and the Thai carer which were waiting for us to land in Thailand to do it two years running with no problem and as time to let us get so far through to the gate and turn us away why shouldn't we be able to go where able body people are allowed to go why should we be treated like this I have got a meeting with the papers next week and of got an email to send to current affairs and I have sent a form into human rights and going to speak with the airline ombudsman believe me I am gonna take it as high as I can I have got good backing they should supply Eagle lifters for all popular destinations it's about time we were treated the same thanks to everybody who made time to read this

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine