Where oh where are our bags

For all the people on Jetstar flight Tuesday 30/4 morning from Singapore to DARWIN whose baggage are still in Singapore, I hope that you have gotten more information from Jetstar than our group has received, which is zero. I suppose this is what we have come to expect from Jetstar.
Jetstar Asia off loaded all of our bags in Singapore, making the flight half hour late, which we were informed was to avoid a large storm in DARWIN.
We only found out about the bags being off loaded in Darwin, was after going through passport control and waiting at the carrousel for our bags. A rumour started that our bags were still in Singapore. No announcement just some poor girl handing out a form for us to email our information in and they would get back to us.
Of course nothing. Nothing from Jetstar and nothing from the company dealing with this, which we understand they have been thrown into the deep end.
Cheap is what cheap does and Jetstar is cheap and I suppose you get what you pay for.
Go Australian company’s. Let’s support our Australian business’s NOT.



Same situation here. Was

Same situation here. Was supposed to be on a tour of Kakadu leaving tomorrow morning at 6, but of course that’s had to be postponed because all the hiking/swimming/ changes of clothes gear are in the missing checked baggage. Full marks to the tour company for being super helpful and the guy at NT Stores who sold us replacement hiking shoes - both of whom said ‘Jetstar’ the moment I mentioned lost baggage... 😂

Still no info. How hard can it be to work out what is going on and for someone to take responsibility?
We fly out again to Broome on the 6th for a Kimberley self drive 4*4 tour and if the bags are still missing it’s going to mean $$$s spent to replace lost stuff, knowing full well Jetstar will reduse to compensate on the grounds it’s not essential ( I think a tent is pretty essential when on a camping holiday in the outback !!)

Aand breathe. Everyone in Darwin has been brilliantly friendly and sympathetic, it’s an amazing place so it’s not spoiling the trip, but it is making me note never to rely on Jetstar again.

I called the number that

I called the number that Menzies gave on that form we all had to fill in - and they were able to give me good news,. I suggest you give them a phone call rather than waiting for an email.