where is the refund after 60 working days !!!

On 10th October 2010, I logged on to the Jetstar website to purchase an air ticket from Hong Kong to Singapore for 12th December 2010.

After duly following the on screen instructions, I reached the payment and final confirmation page. However after keying in my Citibank credit card details and clicking submit, there was an error message and no booking reference was provided. On the assumption that the booking did not go through, I repeated the process but the same error kept repeating over multiple attempts.

Finally I had to do the booking through the phone on the 11th October 2010 morning.

I subsequently checked my credit card statement and realized that Jetstar has charged me for all the failed online bookings attempts. I immediately called the Jetstar customer service hotline and the staff ensured me that this was just a Jetstar system error and the refund will be done in 5 to 10 workings days.

I have yet to receive my refunds to date despite numerous attempts and calls to remind them of the refund. Each call was met by a standard reply of , “We are processing and fast-track your request, please wait up to 5 to 10 to 15 working days."

I have waited for more than 60 working days and still nothing is done.

As a budget airline, Jetstar has been sorely lacking in terms of handling such refund requests. I strongly urge the relevant authorities to review the service standards of Jetstar and in the case of such events, advise on how affected customers can seek their recourse against the airlines.

If airlines have a list of blacklisted passengers, Jetstar will certainly be on my list of BLACKLISTED air line to fly with.

Hong Kong-Hong Kong


The exact same thing has

The exact same thing has happened to me!!! I still have not received my refunds and have not even received the voucher that I initially tried to purchase! This voucher was a Christmas present and it is now the 14th January. Extremely frustrated and embarrassed!!!!

Have you tried calling in for

Have you tried calling in for your xmas vouchers?(honestly asking here.no sarcasm involved)



i finally got my refund

i finally got my refund !!!!!!!