who is to blame

my wife booked a flight from Cairns to Adelaide to include our daughter and granddaughter - My wife forgot to include out grand daughters date of birth (or so Jetstar tell us) - this was done over six months ago.

due to an inquiry being made we realised we had to pay for her - as she was over two - (not two and under)

i rang jetstar and admit i lost the plot and go angry - i acknowledged that yes we had made a mistake but they had accepted the mistake - end result i am paying $258 (return) to fly my grand daughter to Adelaide with only carry on luggage but only paid $205 return (with book in luggage) for the others.

after several arguments with incompetent call center staff in was told basically to pay up or shut up.

i admitted that it was a mistake on our part but why couldn't we pay the same amount as when the original booking was made (and my grand daughter was included on the ticket)

Jetstar - more like Jetstar Jet...f...the rest of you



If you book well in advance

If you book well in advance you can get very cheap prices however, as the travel date gets closer the prices go up hence why you paid a higher fair for one of them. This is standard for all budget airlines and would not have been different no matter who you fly.

to anonymous you miss the

to anonymous
you miss the point - being that i should have been able to pay the same price as the original booking!

My point is that you are

My point is that you are complaining at Jetstar for something that that had you have been in the same situation with any other airline they would have told you the same thing. They make the booking system easy enough for children to use so its your fault if you make errors. Its a shame you ended up in that situation however dont go blaming Jetstar for your errors.

Really, Anonymous? I don't

Really, Anonymous? I don't know too many children who can comprehend double-booking? But you are right, the site was made by people with a child's mentality so it stands to reason children should be able to decipher it.

Whatever you say Travis,

Whatever you say Travis, Whatever you say. Very good come back.NOT
BTW it wasn't a double booking. It was everyone on the same itenerary in which the author made an error.

Yes OK, and the reason why

Yes OK, and the reason why everyone was able to book on the same itinerary...?
Oh that's right, because the jetstar website let them do that.
A simple flaw in programming, or human error on jetstar's part?
Either way, it's jetstar's fault.
It was a good comeback, thank you.

No flaw. All the people

No flaw. All the people wanted was for their family to be on the same flight. Unfortanetly they incorrectly filled out the infomation and had to pay up when they realized. You are a very sad person devoting your life to bagging Jetstar lon this website.

you must have a very dull and

you must have a very dull and boring life to continue to comment on this issue - don't even have the courage to use your real name just Anonymous!!!

$258 return Cairns Adelaide.

$258 return Cairns Adelaide. How much was that 5 years ago?