Why I Never Ever Fly Jetstar

Son visited us in southern Japan during the Obon Festival and despite my advice flew Jetstar. Well anyone familiar with airlines especially within Japan realize the absolutely shameful rorting conducted by airlines during these periods which add hundreds of dollars to tickets purchased other than at less popular times, and Jetstar would be by far the worst when factoring in their seemingly total lack of empathy and service.
My son travelled light from Tokyo but due to my wife and I buying him gifts to take back he was slugged 4000 yen ($65) for the 2.9kg over his 7 kg carry-on allowance. Ok we all know it's a budget airline but it's absolutely disgusting that at peak periods during the holiday season where Jetstar routinely holds passengers over a barrel farewise, that a little kindness and flexibility is not shown. And ohh how the staff seem to relish their role in all of this!
Do they go out of their way to ruin a person's hoilday? It would seem so!
Other reasons I would not fly with this airline unless absolutely desperate are:
dated and unclean planes, abysmal service, arrogant ground staff and an airline colour scheme that screams cheap and nasty!
Well what would one expect from a company owned to two other ratbag entities?

Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)
Japan-Tokyo (Narita International)


I am shocked when people they

I am shocked when people they feel they have such entitlement. Everybody should adhere to the limit the airlines allows. What if everyone exceeds the limits by 3kg and there is 100 passengers on the planes, that would be 300kg extra and there would be not enough rooms in the over head lockers for everyone. I am happy to see Jetstar actually does the right thing and gives people fine. And also, if you decided to bring extra, pay the cost for additional luggage upfront and not hope that you can sneak in extra. You son did not exceed the limit by only 100 - 200g to ask for any lenience, that is almost 50% his allowance.

I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with Rosemary. The limits are there for a reason. As far as I know, the weight the plane has to carry plays a major part in calculating how much fuel is required to get to your destination.
I personally would much prefer an airline be hard on luggage weight than be lenient and have the chance of the plane falling out of the sky due to wrong fuel calculations.