Will i ever get my refund???

Jet star is the worst airline i have ever delt with. i have never had problems with any airline but jetstar is just unbeleivable. When i called about receiving a refund, they explained the process and it sounded so easy. i have being trying to get my refund for over 2 months now, each operator promises but never keeps the promises. i have contacted them more than 10 times and each time i was kept on hold for more than 1hr.

they dont have a complaints department, thus there is no way we could report and directly speak to someone about our problem. I am on hold with jetstar right now waiting to speak to a supervisor, its being 49mins and the operator keeps saying the supervisor is on a another call.

honestly this airline should not get away with treating customers like this, there should be a ombusment for airline/ never fly jst star ever again

Australia-Melbourne - Tullamarine


No you will not. They are

No you will not.

They are cock's instead of there customers, they are trying to get money after the security thing yesterday in Sydney. when Virgin simply built a bridge and got over it, and next time choose Virgin :)

Virgin shouldn't build a

Virgin shouldn't build a bridge and get over it because they are not in a very financially stable place right now. The people who should build bridges and find a new hobby are you people

LOL!!! You know nothing about

LOL!!! You know nothing about the aviation industry "Anonymous", in fact virgin made more money than Qantas, and has carried more domestic passengers, if it wasn't for slutstar Qantas wouldn't be here, so get your facts straight, and besides virgin are re-branding, and when all complete lets so who will be dying (which they already are) (Qantas). Now fuck off in an off ward direction

Seriously, you know nothing, END OF STORY! Now go back to your job as a Shit star cleaner, cause that is your hobby :)

Jack Wrong - Qantas at

Wrong - Qantas at present make most of their profit from Qantas Frequent Flyer, which is essentially a booking service.
Get your facts straight - in fact why don't you look at their annual report.
Also why are you so angry?

To OP - I hope you get your cash back

Hi Jack the ball sack, Sorry

Hi Jack the ball sack,

Sorry to have to correct you but I find myself unable to willfully let you get away with such misleading crap.
I know a lot more about the industry than you may think as I have been in the field for quite a few years now. Unfortunately for you I am not a Jetstar cleaner. If I was you have my assurances that I would put in a good word for you in that department.
Qantas group is one of the highest profitable airline groups in the world - considerably more than any Virgin group of airlines.
You are right, Qantas would not be doing too well if it weren't for Jetstar. You are wrong however about Virgin Blue as I have friends who are employed by them, and they attest to the fact that they are currently making cut backs and recruitment has come to a dead halt.

I'll let you know if I get in contact with the cleaning department and will try and set you up. Don't worry, I'm sure you'd be capable enough with some training.


I had to reply Anonymous and

I had to reply Anonymous and I will be more polite.

I would be very concerned that one of the most profitable airlines in the world Qantas world manages only 7th best airline in the world (Passenger choice awards). With Air New Zealand making making it into 5th place in the world and also being identified as best airline in the Asia/Pacific region and also Staff Service Excellence Award - Australia/Pacific.

Virgin Blue won the award for nest low-cost airline in the region. Jetstar, did not win any awards.
Perhaps the Jetstar brand is tarnishing the Qantas brand.