The worst airline ever used

Had a wonderfull weekend in wellington with my 10 year old son.That was untill we checked into jetstar for our return flight to auckland,then everything went pearshaped.our taxi was late and when we got to the jetstar check in desk this sour faced drop dead ugly tit of a woman,love to say her name but wont give the pc pusy's anything to latch onto,informed me that we were 3 mins late and wouldnt allow us travel.In my short time of 52 years on this planet i have travelled extensively and have had,internationally,the odd late arrival but allways encounted great airline staff that have been nothing short of helpfull and proffesional NOT SO WITH JETSTAR.The worst airline EVER.She,the fat pig,at the counter couldnt have cared less,this was made worse by the smug look on her extremly ugly face.had i thrown a stick i firmly believe she would have chased it,woof woof.She tried to extract more funds out of me by informing me i would have to buy new ticketsfor a much latter flight,told her to shove it up her fat behind.Then she got officer plod involved.Ha dickhead tried to intimidate me thought i needed to control my anger,wot a dropkick what did he expect?.I said to him trust me i am in control,because if i wasnt he would be arresting me by now and 30 years of various martial arts training,had i had an anger problem would have made it very difficult for just one old plod to effect an arrest.Just dont suffer fools.Anyway,he turned out to be ok even tho he was useless at trying to help a man and his young son get onto the plane that has been paid for and get home.

Anyway i feel better,now that i have vented,and wish the staff member who couldnt be bothered even trying to help, a miserable life and please dont breed.

Thank you AIR NEW ZEALAND for getting us home safely,i wont make the mistake of ever using an inferior airline again and my son now hates Jetstar and they will loose hundreds of thousands over the coming years as his generation grows and this story is used for years to come.One stone tossed into a river creates far reaching ripples.

New Zealand-Wellington
New Zealand-Auckland


Gee Laura, your a charmer.

Gee Laura, your a charmer. You were late - your problem.