WTF Jetsat... W T F!!!

Ok so I booked a return flight for 6 people (In groups of 2) For various times in november during Jetstars "Birthday sale, bring a friend for free!" AKA half price for two people.

So after booking, I realise 1 person could not go on a specific date. Simple i thought, change the name of the tickets to swap dates with another person. How hard could it be?

Well as it turns out, a massive pain in the ass!

According to their terms, you are allowed to change the names plus other details. So I called up Jetstar, and spoke with a dumb asian woman who hardly spoke english (I don't mean to be offensive but its true!)

So she says I can change the names for a one off $60 fee. $60!!!! WTF!!!!

Outraged I accepted her offer, only to discover about 1 month later that the names have been taken off the itinerary.

So I called jetstar, asked them what was going on and apparently I CANCELLED THE TICKETS!!!!

Well I am finding out the legalities of this and how to get a version of the original phone call. FUCK YOU JETSTAR YOU COCK SUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!!!

This is yet another reason to NOT FLY JETSTAR!!!



Hi Sam, I’m sorry to hear

Hi Sam,

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve faced in trying to change a name on your booking. We’re glad you were able to take advantage of our ‘Take a Friend for Free’ birthday sale but there are strict rules that apply to these kinds of fares.

If you need to change a name, you may have to pay additional charges as stated in our fare rules. Unfortunately, if it’s a change to a promotional fare like our ‘Take a Friend for Free’, this can end up costing quite a bit more as originally one of the fares was free.

My apologies if you weren’t aware of this when booking your flights. We do ask you to acknowledge that you’ve read and accepted the fare rules before you complete your booking but you may have missed this specific point when making your booking.

When we make a name change on a booking, we need to divide the booking into two to input the new passenger’s name. This doesn’t mean your ticket has been cancelled, just that the newly-added passenger has a new booking reference number which is why their name doesn’t appear on the original booking itinerary.

If you would like us to investigate your bookings further we would love to hear from you directly. You can contact us on Facebook, Twitter or our website (LINK REMOVED - NO LINKS TO THE JETSTAR SITE PLEASE).

I hope I’ve been able to clear a few things up for you. - Amanda

bahahahahaha jetstar rules

bahahahahaha jetstar rules are fucking ridiculous i hope this amanda chick has read all the other complaints

"We’re glad you were able to

"We’re glad you were able to take advantage of our ‘Take a Friend for Free’ birthday sale but now we're going to take advantage of your misfortune" is what Amanda really meant to say.

We have a group of 18 year

We have a group of 18 year olds travelling to the Gold Coast on 25/11/12. Unfortunately, one of the party cannot travel due to financial restraints and so we have another person wanting to take over the ticket which was paid for back in March for $265. Upon going to our local Flight Centre, we were told there would be a fee, which we expected. After a phone call to Jetstar, we were told the fee to change one name (maybe a dozen letters) was going to cost $660. Of course we were gobsmacked! This seems very exorbitant to change 1 dozen letters on a booking!
The only other alternative is for the traveller to just cancel his booking, forfeit 100% of his money and by doing so creating a vacant seat on that flight which could perhaps be used by another traveller. This does not seem like a good business proposition for either the customer or for Jetstar! These young people are still in school and only have part time jobs so do not have huge savings to be able to lose $265 or worse, pay $660 to make a small change.

Can you please investigate this situation and advise if the above is correct procedure and customer service practice usually offered to Jetstar customers?

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Steve, I would be happy to

Hi Steve,

I would be happy to investigate this situation further for you.

To ensure all the information we provide you is correct I do require some more details from you to investigate your query. I will need the Booking Reference and your contact number. We are contactable via Facebook, Twitter or we have a Customer Care Feedback form which you can find here - (LINK REMOVED- NO LINKS TO THE JETSTAR SITE PLEASE)

Once we receive this extra information we will be in contact with you directly.

Thanks Abbie

Sorry Abbie I have raised the

Sorry Abbie I have raised the issues with the ticket on someone else's forum sorry about that....The booking number is 103527531 dated the 24 march 2012 my mobile number is 0412632530 it would be great to talk to you and see if we can come to some type of solution thanks again Steve.