you can't fly thats your problem.. Oh wait i'll give you one more problem

we went to the airport last night to fly to singapore. As we get to the check in counter, caroline the jet star staff asked for our tickets and passports. She checked our tickets and says that it was last nights and said that we mustve got confused because the time of the flight is mid night, we were shocked but admitted it was our fault. She offered to get us tickets for that flight with change fee against the ticket we have for the previous day for 80 each. With an irk on her face she asked for our credit card, after awhile she said that we cannot still fly to sinagpore cause our passports expire on the 26th of january. It was the 28th of july and we were just ty days shy from what she said that the sinapore immigration requires when they enter their country. Wits bad enough that we can't fly because of this and that they didnt have a warning to flag the expiry of passports unlike other budget airlines, like tiger and airasia. Caroline instead of being sorry for our misfortune, kept on saying it was our fault and that it wasnt their responsibilty then said that she already ldged the change of ticket and the credit card was charged already, and it was our problem to have it refunded and contact the jet star help desk or the jetstar website. She said all this with an arrogant tone. She didnt offer us any alternative to change our flight to a later date or whatever but instead blaming us. We already had hotel bookings, tours and attraction bookings in singapore in which are none refundable, its really unfortunate but could have been avoided if their website booking has passport checks like tiger and airasia. And it wouldnt be as bad if their staff would be more friendly and helpful.



Surely Jetstar cannot stop

Surely Jetstar cannot stop you flying, and it would be up to the Singapore Authorities to make a decision once you arrived.. particularly when you would have had a return ticket in your possession as well? I've flown to Vietnam with only 4 months left on my passport, and my wife flew to Thailand last year with 5 months left on hers.

yeah, and they just told me

yeah, and they just told me arrogantly that it isnt their problem we should have checked the singapore immigration website. i asked if such notice is in their website, they said no, and that we should again should have checked the singaporean website. ive been to singapore 3 times already and thinking this was just another flight to sg why would it be any different my passport isnt expired and its just 2 days from the 6months period and i'll only be staying singapore for one freakin night, i got hotel accomodation and i got a return ticket. too bad we're already booked to fly with jetstar with a series of flights this november to east coast australian cities. too bad it isnt refundable

There u go u got sucked right

There u go u got sucked right in thats how the airlines rip ordinary people off just stealing there money

Just a note on this one. The

Just a note on this one. The Singapore Government will fine the delivering carrier (Jetstar or others) if a passenger arrives with a non-compliant passport or visa. An airline can not carry you if you don't have appropriate documents.

That is such a frustrating

That is such a frustrating situation and I feel for your holiday plans being really messed up. It is however your responsibility to check your passport and this is even written inside all Australian passports. The Jetstar staff or staff from any airline for that matter are not permitted to allow a passenger to enter any country if they do not meet all entry requirement, to do so would be a breach on their behalf and result in Jetstar having to remove you from the country at their expense.

I just been looking in to

I just been looking in to this , it seems that it is true airlines do get fined if they fly you to singapore with less then six months on your passport , but you can transit singapore with less than 6 months on your passport , my wife transited singapore with 2 months on her passport no problem .

In our case as you can read on here my wife did meet all the entry requirements of the country she was traveling to and still had to fight to board her flight with jetstar .
i agree jetstar should have something in their book system that alerts you if your passport will not meet entry requirments of the country you are traveling to .
Really if they are deciding when you checkin if you meet the requirements to enter the country you are going to then they should be doing this when you are booking your flight .
It is called customer service jetstar !