9 weeks for a REFUND, their internet booking stuff up!

I tried booking flights with Jetstar over the internet, at the last stage it stated that the transaction was cancelled and I needed to start again, I did this 3 times before I gave up and booked with another airline carrier – Virgin Australia. Not once did it state that the booking was confirmed. I then received an email for a flight intinerary and checked that the credit card was charged from JetStar.
This took my credit card overdrawn, so I got charged for this. 2 lots of $650!!!
I called JetStar straight away and they agreed that there was a problem and that a refund would be given. I have called them twice a week for the last 6 weeks to find out where the refund is and everytime there is another reason, like yes we did get your fax, next time, no we didnt get your fax, bla bla bla. I had promises that someone would call me, NO ONE EVER did. I now, after 6 weeks, have been told to submit a compassionate request, which will still take 15 working days, that will be 45 working days. RIDICULOUS, especially when its their FAULT.. so so so annoyed, I dont have a spare $650 to waste..

Australia-Melbourne - Avalon


A similar thing happened to

A similar thing happened to me trying to make a Jetstar booking, and my credit card had over $1000 taken out of it over the amount that should have been for the flight that was booked. I lodged it as a disputed transaction with my credit card company, which means I don't have to pay the amount, and they help deal with getting the money back. It's a slow process though. About 7 weeks so far.

Same old Jetstar - cheap &

Same old Jetstar - cheap & nasty & they dont learn (see Promises Promises below).
Definitely lodge a dispute action with your credit card supplier.

Then email these address's and give them heaps:

Keep pestering - it took us two months to get our refunds back.
Barrie & Ann

Thanks for that, I will be

Thanks for that, I will be sure to send them all emails, I am still waiting and they said another 5-10 working days before someone gets back to me

all these emails and more are

all these emails and more are in a post under the news section of this site.