Bag Drop disgrace

I was 1 minute late dropping a bag off for a flight which I was already checked in for because of a delay with the shuttle from the long term parking company I had chosen. Jetstar had rescheduled the flight to be 10 minutes earlier departing than when I had originally booked. They were completely unmoved, unreasonable and unhelpful. My suitcase is actually not much bigger than the cabin allowance and I have certainly seen people putting bags bigger than mine or with multiple carry on bags on board. They looked up my details and I'm sure because I had not booked an expensive, flexible fare, decided to take a hard line with me. I couldn't check my bag because I was 1 minute late. I couldn't take it onboard because it was slightly oversized. I obviously can't travel without my bag. They couldn't care less about getting me anywhere on time. Their flights are NEVER on time. But yet they take a dictatorial approach with the bag drop deadline. Previously I purchased a sale fare to Malaysia with Jetstar and then LESS THAN ONE MONTH later they cancelled that route. Don't tell me you didn't know that was in the pipeline. I've had a gutful of them taking any grubby opportunity they can get to promote their supposedly amazing customer service whenever a natural disaster strikes- they'll bend over backwards and break all the rules then. But they're not the least bit interested in providing any type of customer service unless there is a publicity pay off in it for them.

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I have written to jet star 3

I have written to jet star 3 times about a cancelled flight and have heard nothing - does anyone know of an email address?

there is a page in this site

there is a page in this site devoted to just that.

You were late for the bag

You were late for the bag drop. Your fault.

Glad the world is so clear

Glad the world is so clear cut and everyone's watches are synced on whatever planet you're from Darth Vader. It wasn't my fault I was late in case you didn't read past the first 5 words. You clearly work for or are in a relationship with a Jetstar employee. But thanks for your 2 cents worth.

Hi Sophie, if you are late

Hi Sophie, if you are late for any airline after the check in time or bag drop they won't let your bag and/or you on. Don't blame the airlines if your watch is not synced to their schedule. Domestic they say 40 mins before? International 2-3hours? Common knowledge. If they hold the plane for it's upward of $1000 per minute they have to pay. Get there on time.

I can't even be bothered

I can't even be bothered arguing with you. You've totally missed the point. Whatever. I will be sure to phone ahead and sync my watch to airline time from now on, which is ALWAYS late if their flights are anything to go by. I hope you are held up by circumstances out of your control one day so you know how it feels to meet a misogynistic check-in attendant with no desire to provide anything vaguely reminiscint of customer service. My point is that you and they take this hard line approach when I had a bag smaller than most people take on board despite missing a deadline by 60 secs. It was the luck of the draw, not some clear cut, consistently enforced policy, but you just keep on living in your Stepford World and it'll all be good.

Well allow me to retort.

Well allow me to retort. You, not the airline, YOU missed the deadline by 60 seconds! It doesn't matter if the aircraft is delayed after check-in closes, there is a check-in time. Every bloody airline has one. Jesus, catch a bus and turn up late, what happens? The bus ain't there. What are the staff supposed to do? Bend down and kiss your arse, apologise for your tardiness? I have been on many delayed flights thank you HOWEVER! I managed to get to the airport well within the check-in times so I wouldn't miss the deadline. You just keep living in your World of Delusion that you are the centre of the universe.



Awesome effort. No wonder

Awesome effort. No wonder you miss your flights.

I'm still wondering why an

I'm still wondering why an anonymous star wars fan is getting all bent out of shape with a stranger over a situation he/she had nothing to do with. Must be a fascinating life you lead.

If you don't want people to

If you don't want people to comment on your issue then why post it?
My life as a pilot is fascinating.

Your a dick vader. I

Your a dick vader.

I certainly know what you mean sophie with regards to baggage size. I posted about baggage lengths a while back. Basically my boards where too long to fly as they would not fit in their cargo. So I ended up buying a new surf board(same size plus cover) when i got there expecting to have to leave it there afterward. I decided to give it a go without speaking to them and low and behold it did fit and made it home safely. shoul dhave just carried on without bringing it to their attn. Not to mention both flights there and back were delayed by several hours because their planes where unservicable.