Disrespectful and disgusting Employees

I am disgusted and annoyed with how bad JETSTAR treats its customers, esp women with children. My sister couldn't hold all the her bags while carrying my nephew to board her flight from Wellington to Auckland. She goes to ask the JETSTAR employee at the counter if she could get some assistance, she was very confident that he would help because he was samoan and would have some kind of remorse to help. Unfortunately he turned her down and said WE DON'T OFFER ASSISTANCE, she was confused and almost in tears because there was no way she could carry her son and two bags and when everyone boarded the plane the Jetstar employees at the counter looked at her with a smirk and no remorse or bit of feeling to help. Than one of the flight attendants came out and offered to give her assistance, the flight attendant turned to these Messed UP employees and told them OFF. I am PISSED & DISGUSTED that this is how JETSTAR customer service is done. This is by far the lowest, disgusting and retarded human beings I have ever heard off.

New Zealand-Wellington
New Zealand-Auckland


firstly what does it matter

firstly what does it matter what nationality the jet star employee was..

secondly I have flown with children many a time before and I can assure you 2 bags and one child isnt a big deal if it is an issue for you get a trolly. you managed to get it from your house to the Jet star check in. Jet star dont pay staff to personally help every person onto the plane.

Im not a big fan of jetstar but this is the stupidest complaint i've ever heard.

Are you kidding me ! OMG this

Are you kidding me ! OMG this is by far the most important complaint and for your information don't ever bring your f*** two cents up here kk !! && it does matter to us what nationality we approach cos we feel more confident to ask for help when they are our own. If you have poly friends they would most likely approach the Polynesian worker than any other unfortunately you don't know shizznits. && second of all they don't allow effin trolleys in the boarding area you twart and my sister bags werent light also carring her child. OMG ANY SENSIBLE PERSON WOULD ASK IF THE CUSTOMER NEEDS HELP. The nice flight attendant respondent to them and said why they couldn't help, they had a big smirk on their face, THIS IS NOT PROFESSIONAL. The problem here is that these employees were plain lazy and couldn't help at all. That is what F*** customer serivice is to f*** help. IT DOESNT MATTER IF JETSHITSTAR DOESNT PAY THEIR WORKERS TO OFFER ASSISTANCE, BUT THEY ARE PAID FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WHERE I WORK WE OFFER 110 % NO MATTER WHAT.

This is a problem. Women and children should be a priority and thought of this employee with no sense to help is full of it, disgusting and completely annoying.


I hope one day when you need help you fall flat on your face and remember how stupid your comment was LMFFAOOO !!!

Im sorry your sister felt she

Im sorry your sister felt she was hard done by, I truly hope she gets the one on one service she needs next time. I know travelling with children is very stressful and not the easiest of task but maybe your sister could invest in a backpack or an over the shoulder bag so next time she wont need to worry about weather the staff are useless or not. You can also get these cool wee suitcases for kids that are a pull along suit case but can also be a ride on for kids, she may also find this helpful depending on the age of her son.

Its pretty unfair to assume this is the most important complaint what makes you any different from anyone else's complaints.

Women and children get priority boarding and as you are walking onto the plane the flight attends did help your sister as you said above so what you wanted was someone to step away from the check in counter and cart your bags for you?? Jetstar have enough problems with check in issues let alone being short staffed because some lady cant carry her own bags.

Im sure if you email Jetstar customer service or ring them they will be only to happy to issue their stranded "im sorry" reply.

Stress causes wrinkles :)

If I ever fall on my face ill be sure to let you know

Have a good day, Hope your future travels end better than this one. perhaps pay a lot extra and fly Qantas or Air New Zealand.

First these JETSTAR employees

First these JETSTAR employees weren't short staffed there were two of them and there wasn't anyone else with children or needed assistance boarding the flight. How hard was it for one of them to help and carry the bags, instead they waited until the flight attendant came through to check on the last passenger which is pathetic. Lazy !!!! Second of all you don't have to over evaluate the situation on what bags mothers have to use or whatever your two cents maybe cos no matter what there is going to one out of five mothers with heavy bags and a child to carry. Third of all this is an important complaint and for you to say it is STUPID makes you sound so arrogant and esp you know how hard it is to travel with children.

Why do you keep referring to the CHECK-IN counter? My sister wasn't at the check-in counter she was at the boarding lounge, where carts or trolleys and family members are not permitted to pass security. Have you ever boarded a flight from Wellington to Auckland NZ ?? Not only was the flight not full these bloodly Aholes had nothing else to do but stand there and watch OMG. My point exactly theres no professionalism and there is no excuse to not offering help to those in need not only for women and children but also for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Unfortunately there's people like you that approves of JETSTAR low, uncaring customer service unless it affects you. LOL!!!!

What I am trying to say is

What I am trying to say is she some how managed to get from the check in counter to the boarding lounge how did she manage that on her own but she couldnt manage to board the plane?

Just a helpful hint you dont have to take my advice but theres not always going to be someone standing around doing nothing when you fly so if she got a back pack it would make things easier on her.

If you are in the boarding lounge Im pretty sure those staff aren't aloud to leave the desk for safety reasons. But I guess they could have perhaps radioed the flight attendants or something I guess.

I dont approve jet stars customer service but they are a budget airline you get what you pay for. When I fly jet star I dont expect anything fancy at all but thats what I pay for is no frills flying.

OMG freaken GGGGGGG !!!!

OMG freaken GGGGGGG !!!! There something called a TROLLEY and we were with her until she went through security where trolleys or carts and family members are NOT PERMITTED. OH and the security area is a few steps from the boarding GATE LMFFAOOO!!! Unfortunately you haven't boarded a flight from Wellington NZ to Auckland NZ so you don't know crap. KK !!!! && to repeat myself there were TWO STAFF MEMBERS AT THE GATE AND MY SISTER WAS LAST TO BOARD BECAUSE SHE WAITED FOR EVERYONE TO BOARD SO SHE CAN GET SOME HELP, SO IF THERE EFFIN POLICY IS TO STAND AT THE GATE WELL ONE OF THEM COULD HAVE AND OTHER COULD HELPED BUT NO THEY WAITED FOR AT A AIR HOSTED AND PLAIN F***** LAZY, RUDE, DISGUSTING AND SELFISH.



@ Kinsey Hall -Why would she

@ Kinsey Hall -Why would she ask for help if she could carry her baby and hold her bags? BECAUSE SHE COULDN'T AND NEEDED HELP. Its understandable for anyone to ask for assistance because they need it, no body asks for help if they don't need it. What I don't get is why you are so up and about this that you have to investigate it. Wait are you working for them uncover ? Is that it, because its looking that way. and seriously you are stupid fool for thinking that ta'e mooni

LOL Thank you very much for

LOL Thank you very much for pointing that out, I wasn't aware thats when people ask for help. No I dont work for jet star and im just mearly offering ideas such as a back pack to help this lady out in her future travels.its a free country why shouldn't I be aloud my say Just as your friend above is aloud to have hers.

I have worked in customer service before also and I know that 99% the time when someone complains about us its not our fault we are just following the crappy stupid rules set in place by some paper pushing A-Hole at the top of the ladder.

I still think this is an excessive complaint but as I said each to their own, It matters to her, Im not saying dont complain im just saying things from my point of view, I manage to travel with 3 children and several bags with out assistance her sister cannot and that is fine, but if she wants that kind of service in feature perhaps pay the extra money for a quality airline. I too love a good bitch and moan about Jetstar but I then need to remind myself its a budget airline and I get what I pay for.

Good luck in your complaints to the jetstar team I truely hope you get something out of it.

I'm with Kinsey - it is

I'm with Kinsey - it is exceedingly arrogant to maintain that yours is the most important complaint.
People need to take responsibility for themselves. You do not need to be so aggressive.

Anyone who doesn't take any

Anyone who doesn't take any complaint seriously that involves helping mothers with children, people with disabilities, or anyone in general is lame, arrogant and retarded.

Kinsey you bought this on yourself from your first comment. No one needs to hear that their complaint is the most stupidest complaint and that is arrogant.

Hi Kinsey I apologize if I

Hi Kinsey

I apologize if I was too aggressive, as you can see I don't take crappy services to well. But I understand what you are trying to say but at the same time it wasn't nice of you to say this particular complaint is STUPID just cos you can tackle three children and tons of bags, not everyone is like you. Yes this may not be the most important complaint but it is an important complaint because there should be a policy that offers good quality assistance to those in need of help no matter how crappy their airline is. This needs to be pushed through because there will be one out of five passengers that needs help and it not professional to turn people away just cos you or policy says so.

@ Jessie Brown - freedom of

@ Jessie Brown - freedom of speech your more than welcome to have you say just as I am.

You cant always rely on others sometimes you have to manage on your own. Its no big deal, its simply a way of life. I dont see how its hard to carry two bags and a child thats me most days when I leave the house, but thats just me. what was she planing to do if there hadn't been someone there she would have just had to cope wouldn't she.

I think threatening a lawsuit is a tad over the top because someone wouldn't carry her bags for her.

And as I have previously said I wish her all the best in her efforts to receive something from jetstar.

@ Astrid Im not fazed by your

@ Astrid

Im not fazed by your aggressive behaviour we all have off days as I said above treating a lawsuit is what made me say this is stupid.

I stand by what I said. I appreciate the apology and seriously wish you well in your endeavour to get though to jetstar.

again, we don't always have people around to help so often it just means thinking ahead, will I be able to cope with all this maybe some of it could go in a checked bag, maybe I could use a back pack, maybe I could put the childs stuff in his own wee back pack (snacks few nappies and toys nothing major) and make it his responsibility to carry it

If there was no one there to ask what would you sister have done then?

hope travelling for your sister goes better in the future, and I also find its better to complain after you have calmed down and can be more calm and assertive. Just sayin'

Come on you know you are by

Come on you know you are by yourself and how planes work, why would you think people would walk around waiting to carry your bags?????, if I want my bags carried at a hotel I pay for the service - come on you are flying jet star for their prices be thankful there is not tape holding the wings on. Going by your posts I can see you seem to hate everybody that doesn't instantly jump and obey your every whim so this will most likely go on deaf ears - try one thing called common sense

Hi Dwight Grieve You got this

Hi Dwight Grieve

You got this all wrong, first she didn't want somebody to just carry her bags cos she was tired or lazy she needed the help and thought to ask for it. In this case, a child was involved. Is it crime to ask for help? Is that something awful ? Aren't we taught to ask for help when really need it. Whats COMMON SENSE to any human being when asked to help by a woman carrying a child and a few bags is to lend a hand. Maybe there's some superhuman moms out there but not all of them are and there will be many other people needing assistance. But I guess reality sinks in and everyone decides that lending a helping hand should be investigated and interrogated until they are good enough to be given the time of day. And not every good service is paid service.

She didn't fly on Jetstar because the price was cheaper, it priced the same as AIR NZ, but because of the time slot to catch an international flight from Auckland. O_o

I think your sister got a big

I think your sister got a big bite of a reality sandwich. This is just the way the world is these days. Help is marvelous when offered - but cannot be expected - or litigated against when not there. I guess if flight attendants spent their time helping everyone with their bags it would cause even further delays - which no-one would want.
Fair play for apologising to Kinsey as well - it was pretty uncool to wish someone to fall flat on their face simply because they disagree with you so Kudos for acknowledging that.

To whome it may concern,

To whome it may concern, Jetstar

Firstly employee was unhappy didnt want to work in my opinion.... gave my friend wrong boarding pass
( GOING TO MELBOURNE WHEN SHE WANTED TO GO TO PROPERPINE) included all her hand carry luggage to her check in luggage becuase aparently it was to big but it was the standard size and less than 7 KG!!! so she has to pay $100.00 excess luggage!!! then made her pack everything and still didnt accept it!!!.. why do this?!!?!? just unacceptable for such a big company!!! im not holding grudges i just want this matter to get fixed due to i flew with jet star alot and had no problems what so ever!! this happened in Brisbane Domestic airport the attendants name was TIZANIA!!!! not good enough...... kindly fix this matter

thank you

Hi Jay Complaining on this

Hi Jay

Complaining on this site wont get you though to jet star, Its just a place where people come to blow off steam :)

To make a complaint with them you need to go to their main website and go through the customer services section.

Good luck and hope its better for your friend next time, Im pretty sure there carry on allowance is 10kgs too what jerks!

all outlined on the How to

all outlined on the How to contact Jetstar page.

I'm not sure why people sometimes put complaints in the comments....Is it hard to find the page to make a complaint?

Apparently finding the

Apparently finding the complaints form is just as hard as it is to find the terms and conditions for flights/baggage/etc....