Give me back my $474 you arseholes.

Hi All, like most of you I have had, or to be more precise, am currently having a nasty shitty experience with that wonderful airline we know as Jetstar. Or as I like to call them: Fuckstar.
I won't bore you with the details, except to say they took $474 too much from my credit card on Dec 18. Yep, thats one week before Christmas, the time of year when most of us are scraping around trying to find extra money to buy our loved ones a present, and to eat drink and be merry. 20 days later and I still have no resolution.
I have been trolling the net trying to find entities that can assist without causing any extra out of pocket costs, ombudsman etc etc. I came accross this website and have lodged a complaint with them -
I can't tell how good they are or not as I've not had a response as yet, but thought I'd pass the info on in case there are others of you in a similar situation

New Zealand-Auckland


I didn't know about that

I didn't know about that site, thanks for sharing.
Please keep us informed of how you go.

Rick - interested in class

Rick - interested in class action against them? We are -$700 and still no service or refund... Looking into it with a lawyer... Let me know... Lisa

Hi Lisa, Jetstar in Australia

Hi Lisa, Jetstar in Australia contacted me on Friday and advised they will be refunding the over charged amount along with a $100 voucher (that has to be used by July AND is non transferable!) I'm not sure if it had anything to do with my complaint to or not but I suggest you give it a try. I also have the email address of the Aus based customer service at work which I will post tomorrow. Cheers!

The email address I was

The email address I was provided for customer service in Australia is:
(if that doesn't work try it with .au at the end) This definitely goes to someone in Australia, and as long as you provide a case number (you get a case number by submitting an online complaint) they will actually respond.

Hello Fellow Jetstar

Hello Fellow Jetstar Customers,

Jetstar tried to rip me off in November 2012. Somehow I still think about it and really wonder how do they stay in business. They have more complaints then any business I have ever seen.
I did manage to get my money back because I paid on my ATM card thru Chase Bank.
I noticed it took about 45 days for Jetstar to refund my money.
I never boarded the plane after they told me two different prices on my excess luggage that Delta Airlines never said anything about on the way from California to Singapore.
Then after the refund and two months had gone by I got a letter from Jetstar customer relations.
It was really a joke that anyone from this company would send a letter.
I almost framed it.
Anyway I would bet that the way this airlines treats customers that they will be out of business this year of 2013. You can't run an airline or a company with people constantly complaining about your business practices.

Good Luck Everyone,

That's really crappy guys I

That's really crappy guys I hope u all get ur money back and some. I too flew jetstar in December 2012 and will never fly with them again! I booked my tickets 3 or 4 months prior to flying an chose them with the return flight time because it was my baby's bed time (would have made life easier) but they cancelled to a really early flight. That was ok I thought stuff happens. Then when we were at the airport we got told the plane was delaid due to paperwork. Only they lied! When we boarded the plane they handed me a belt for my baby that was a disgrace, it was all but falling apart! When we finally landed an collected our luggage half the planes luggage was left behind because the plane was too heavy! That's y it was delayed! ( liers) so it's after midnight I have no nothing for my baby and have to wait and hope my luggage is flown in that afternoon. Ok so a lot of bad luck??? I rang Constar to complain about our return flight that had been changed and the lady gave me another option to take 2 planes instead of one and twice as long to get home! Wtf? So b4 I could say no my phone went flat. I proceeded to ring back and explained it to them an said that's not what I want an they tried to charge me an extra $150 plus to change the flight back and an extra $20 for a seat that was booked and paid for months ago! And just to top all that off i received a call from Constar minutes later saying the option they gave me was not suitable unless I wanted to leave my baby behind! Wtf is wrong with this airline. So after spending a lot of money and the 1st and last day of my holiday on the phone complaining I did receive last week $600 plus refund for that first flight. Never ever again and I hope some1 shuts them down!!!!!!!

Thanks for the new email

Thanks for the new email address Rick. I added it to the Jetstar Contacts Page

Thanks heaps for that

Thanks heaps for that Rick.... :)

As to be expected I have still heard nothing from that shit company... I will contact both those addresses tonight.

Really appreciate it and glad you will be getting your money back... Eventually.... Let us know when you get it back!!



Thanks Rick - I have also

Thanks Rick - I have also submitted my complaint to tonight... Fingers crossed... If these guys are good, we should promote them!
Thanks again :)

Hey Rick..... Hey Michael,

Hey Rick..... Hey Michael,

How your battle with Jetstar going?

Interesting news from my end... 1 week after I put in my complaint to the Airline Advocate place via their website I received a call from Antionette at Jetstar.... Of course she went through the normal amount of ridiculous excuses and bullshit arguments like, "We don't actually accept payment from Bank of Melbourne.... Only St.George...." (Which is hilarious because in Australia Bank. Of Melbourne and St.George are THE SAME BANK!!! Just has a different name in South Australia(Bank S.A) and Victoria(Bank of Melbourne) to the rest of the country(St.George)!! What's more I work there so I demanded that they up-grade their list of banks) - and then told me about 600 times that I'd made the payment incorrectly or from a wrong bank.... had NO back up for my query regarding the 48hr only hold for Net Transfers ..... Yet net transfers can take up to 72 hours??? Refused to listen to me when I asked which number on her "fob the customer off list" that answer was from.... Then "offered" to re-book my flight for me for the same rate as November when I booked and "graciously waive the $17 pet person per flight credit card convenience booking fee as a once off goodwill gesture" if I was to re-book today.... which would mean that they would then be holding TWICE the amount of money from my account as it takes 5 business days (which she GUARANTEED ON A RECORDED CONVERSATON) to return my original payment to my account.... Then of course the offer of a $100 Jetstar voucher to use on future travel. Ridiculous. Let's just wait till Tuesday next week when the money appears in my account and we'll see..... Still haven't received my original claim numb which she claims is "unusual and super rare" - so waiting on email from her for 2 hours so far with that and the voucher. Will keep you posted....

Cheers, Lisa

Have you got your money back yet??

Hi Lisa Sorry to hear your

Hi Lisa
Sorry to hear your troubles continuing, I finally did receive my money back, about 5 days after I was contacted by Jetstar in Australia. Was 'Antionette' from Manilla or Australia? If you are still getting shit from Manilla I suggest you email and quote your case number. Good Luck! Give us an update when you know more

Hey Rick, Sounded like she

Hey Rick,

Sounded like she was from Australia... Got the email with the case number finally too... And a response from the advocate too - they definitely prompted the call from Jetstar... Thanks again for such good advice :)