Jetstar Complaints

Jetstar cancelled our return flight ... but it's still available on Qantas ... operated by Jetsar for $3500!!!

Hello! I just went on the Jetstar website to confirm our flight dates for a holyday in Thailand. Unfortunately, Jetstar is the only convenient way to fly direct to Phuket from Melbourne so we reluctantly booked the tickets back in June to fly at the end of November. My wife just asked me for the exact dates so I jumped on the Jetstar website and was a little surprised to see that our return flight had been cancelled even though I hadn't heard anything from anybody. so I begged Jess to chat to a human and after some time I did hear a ping to tell me someone was available to chat with me....

lost baggage

I flew with Lufthansa the 6th September,....Porto to Frankfurt; frankfurt to sinpagore....almost lost the flight to singapore because the flight from Portugal was delayed....last flight was from singapore to Melbourne with jetstar.......
have no luggage thanks to jetstar...none of the companies tells me where my luggage in Australia with no clothes,,, holiday has become a nightmare....
called lots of times, no information, told me that i would get compensation and a phone call and nothing...this monday i fly to sydney and have no luggage......

Jetstar continuing "Sales" despite not honouring bookings!!

I bought direct flights from Adelaide to Hobart in September as part of a highly advertised sale. Three weeks later, I logged into my Jetstar account to find that the flights had been changed. Jetstar did not contact me to advise there had been a change. Both flights were changed from direct flights to two seperate flights each way with a stop over in Melb. The return flight went from a 1.5hr duration to over 8hrs (with a six hour gap between arriving and departing Melb). I contacted Jetstar and was told that the flights had been changed due to staffing issues yet the same day they...

Cancellation and no support

Statement from Jetstar's Customer Guarantee -
'We strive to make every part of a customer experience with us as uncomplicated, pleasant and enjoyable'
Total rubbish and they should be sued for making a totally misleading statement.

Booked in June this year a direct flight to Bali from Adelaide (late afternoon schedule arrive just before midnight, with a return a week later on their, advertised, afternoon flight). This was to depart Saturday 3/9/22. Fast forward about 6-8 weeks and we find ourselves now booked to go via Melbourne to Bali with the afternoon flight now a...

Non-professionalism and incompetence of boarding ground crew at Penang Internation airport

On August 23rd, the ground crew doing the boarding was highly unprofessional and incompetent for a flight from Penang to Singapore. We were told that the flight was fully booked and only 1 piece of carry-on luggage was allowed. This is fine if the definition of what constitutes a carry-on is clearly defined and enforced. In our case, we had a normal cabin trolley, a small bag carrying a medical device, a ventilator for sleep apnea, and a sling pouch bag where I put my wallet, passport, boarding passes, eye-drop and envelopes from hotel/rental car. For perspective, this pouch bag is...

staff have no ethics or standards

today jetstar cancelled my flight due to a staff shortage.

all of the passengers were ready to board the flight.

So I ran to the ticket desk to get the next flight as every hour I was late to brisbane, would cost me $1,000

I was 3rd in the line. The staff, all 5 of them, were busy at the time arguing over who was due their 15 minute break. Whist the queue grew to over 200 people.

1 of the 5 jetstar staff was actually serving customers. At same time, one of the staff told everyone in the queue to load the app and they stood pretty much a snowflakes chance in...

Worst customer service manager - Tiare, Wellington

I booked a flight to Auckland from Wellington to catch a Qatar airways flight to India.
My flight was scheduled to fly at 9.15 pm on the 27th of August- Saturday.
I got a notification on the Jetstar app saying that the flight has been delayed and will now fly at 9.35 pm instead. I promptly checked in online which meant that I could drop off my baggage by 9.15 at the latest (30 mins rule for online checkins).

I was at the counter at 9.10 pm but there was absolutely no one around. I left my luggage with a friend of mine and managed to get through to the jet star counter...

Using auto renew membership to charge money without my permission


I report Jestar charge membership card on the minight without my permission and do not refund.
And it is second time since last 4 or 5 years.

I am not be Jestar member for last 3 years and they do not have my credit card information until May of 2022
I flight with Jestar using my credit card to order.
This is the only way they have my card infomation

17 Aug around 2AM they charge 55 Aud member ship renew fee automatic and say I set my membership auto renew ,so they won't refund it , even I cancel it in the moring ASAP.

Like they say it is...

Excess Baggage for portable stroller in carry-on

Hi, we were travelling from Melbourne to Gold Coast and back as a group of 6 Adults, 2 toddlers and 1 infant. We were travelling first time after Covid for a holiday with our infant who had never been on a flight. After a pleasant and tiring trip we were just trying to get back home. We had checked all our lugged prior to boarding and ensured we were below weight. Our combined allowed weight was 56kg (7kg * 8) and our total baggage was 54Kg. We were weight-checked by ground staff at the gate before boarding the flight from GoldCoast to Melbourne. They advised we need to have everything...

Excess Baggage for portable stroller in carry-on

Hi, we were travelling from Melbourne to Gold Coast and back as a group of 6 Adults, 2 toddlers and 1 infant. We were travelling first time after Covid for a holiday with our infant who had never been on a flight. After a pleasant and tiring trip we were just trying to get back home. We had checked all our lugged prior to boarding and ensured we were below weight. Our combined allowed weight was 56kg (7kg * 8) and our total baggage was 54Kg. We were weight-checked by ground staff at the gate before boarding the flight from GoldCoast to Melbourne. They advised we need to have everything...

They change the flights - no Refund... You complain they disconnect

Tried to get a refund for a flight they changed. Was direct then had a stop.. didnt work for us.. Has taken over two weeks to connect via their chat service. Accumulated wait time of over 2 hrs

When I pointed out that they had changed the flights from direct they disconnected. AND I did not get to say if I wnated to proceed or not.

Bit of a read

Thank you for contacting us today. Please see below for the transcript of the chat between you and our team member on 11/08/2022.

Chat Started: Thursday, August 11, 2022, 14:43:24 (+1000)
Chat Origin: VA-Disrupts...

After 146 minutes wasted on the most frustrating calls of my life

Where does one start with the most frustrating communication and poor service ordeal I have ever known!
After 146 minutes of wasted time phoning Jetstar’s 131538 so called customer service numbers, not one thing has changed.
After falling ill with Gastro which I did not wish to share with airplane passengers, 36 hours before my departing flight, I called that dreaded number and to start was waiting on hold for 30 minutes. Already suffering a massive headache, fever & seriously sleep deprived, but wanting to notify Jetstar of my need to cancel my flight tickets ( I knew of...

The Mystery of the Disappearing Baggage

I caught my Jetstar flight to Auckland at Wellington Airport, where before boarding the aircraft they weighed my carry-on baggage. It was, to my astonishment, two kilos over, and I was told I had to leave some of it behind - for a mere two kilos! So I left selected items behind and received assurance that they would be kept safe for me.

That was on 27th May.

Today, 14th July, I am still bereft of my much-needed equipment despite numerous emails, attempts to call various phone numbers, and waiting all afternoon for an online chat that never opened.

Oh, and by the way,...

Flight change and Cancellation

Flight from Adelaide to Sunshine Coast, via Sydney was changed. All other options were shit times. Took flight from Adelaide to Sydney. I have to re-check my bags in to get onto the Sunshine Coast flight - that is pretty shit in itself (having to re-check bags in for connecting flight). About to check in bags and flight cancelled for no reason - engineering problems - more like you fucknuts can't find enough people to make up for all the people sick from the stupid fucking vaccination that you made your staff have. I have to organise accomodation in Australia's most expensive city,...

Late cancellation then stuck on route for six hours

I will save my pennies and fly with another airline. I have committed to this idea after the following. I was scheduled to fly to Brisbane from Melbourne on July 1 for a family members memorial service. Flight cancelled late the night before. No direct fllights available, so had to go via Sydney. Then stuck in Sydney for 6 hours due to on-going delay. I was totally stuffed by the time I finally got to Brisbane.
Never again

Last minute cancellations

Had a flight booked at 2:55pm on Monday July 27 and returning Fri July 8.
First Jetstar cancel my July 8 flight... ok, that's alright, they gave me a week warning before I left and I was able to reschedule to fly back on a Saturday instead.
Then... on the morning of my flight on July 27 at 1:50am, I get a text that this flight has also been cancelled. I have tours booked for the Tuesday through the rest of the week, but apparently the earliest they can get me there is Wednesday!!!!

Both flights were cancelled for "operational reasons", which tells me nothing but sounds...

Voucher Credit

I have a $22 credit left on a Jetstar $100 voucher but their system will not allow this to be used despite their blurb on the phone while waiting endlessly ,only to be told to ring anothr number which I have alresdy spoken to & they said they dont controll the vouchers useage so call another number..same as previously..Absolute rubbish & you cant email customer care as it just bounces back with."thank you for contacting customer care,your email did not reach us" An absolute disgrace..


Our Jetstar to Sydney from Melbourne was cancelled on Friday 13th May. We can accept the weather issue, however, despite all the spiel about customer service all we received was an email to say the flight was cancelled. The next flight out was 6 hours later flying to Sydney via Brisbane. The flight from Brisbane was delayed. Most of the decent food stores at the Brisbane airport had stopped serving food.
When we finally arrived in Sydney our plane sat on the tarmac for an hour while another Jetstar plane refueled in our bay.
I am waitng to receive an apology from Jetstar. On...

Jetstar ruined holiday

All documents were submitted 5 days prior to travel for pcr exemption. We then ring Jetstar 48 hrs before say will take note of this on file.
Get to airport no I wish they stop telling people that it’s not correct.
Lady rings Qantas to hurry process. We get told that we aren’t accepted to fly so they cancel our flights. Get home email comes through saying we were accepted however now we are canceled oh and 1.5 hrs after flight left.
We ring nothing they can do but we can purchase for tomorrow at 654 each and our return leg 580 basically paying $1200 each. Our original...

Extensive Delays

I had made all my arrangements to fly with Jetstar to get to Byron Bay, Including Car hire & Accommodation nearest the airport at my final destination, Being Ballina Airport.

Unfortunately, my connecting flight was delayed 7 hours and stranded me and my 6-year-old daughter in Sydney, That also resulted in the close of business for receiving the hire car and checking in at desired accommodation as the connecting plane was then AGAIN delayed in the Northern Territory for hours.

How on earth are parents supposed to keep their children safe in conditions like this......

Jetstar are effectively stealing from customers

Jetstar are effectively stealing money from Australian citizens. I booked to fly between Brisbane and Bali, and within days of taking my money, Jetstar cancelled all Brisbane to Bali flights depsite both Brisbane and Bali being open to accepting the flights ie not a Covid issue. I rang Jetstar and got the Philippines who repeat that heir terms and policy is that they will issue a credit voucher within two weeks and they refused any refund. This scheduling and promoting of flights then cancelling shortly after is effectively theft. Simply a method of cheap finance for Jetstar and possibly...

Laugage Price Gouging

After flying to Launceston with Qantas on the weekend I decided to fly back with Jetstar due to timing. What a mistake. I booked the baggage on my phone and thought that the $25 fee for oversize baggage was great. Half that of Qantas. That's where I wrong. This was just a handling fee. They charged be $375 at the airport despite making the booking it was just a handling fee. The insult only continued after my sons bike bag the one we just paid $375 for was left behind. There was no one at the service desk in Sydney and it took over an hour and a half to find staff fill out forms to leave...

2 x Cancellations to Bali

Jetstar are Criminals masquerading as an Airline. I booked in November 2021 to fly Cairns to Bali, they took my money and confirmed the booking. 1st Feb went online and saw my Flights had been cancelled, no notification at all. Rang Jetstar and got the Philipines they lied to me and said they notified me in December 2021 of the cancellation, absolute rubbish. He then got smart with me telling me I agreed with Terms and Conditions. He said I could fly from Cairns to Melbourne arriving 1250pm, then catch a Flight to Melb - Bali at 1005 the next day, they expected me to do a 4hr flight arrive...

Bali Flight February 2022

I'm a Baliphile and had been watching JQ through 2020 for their first flights to Bali. When it opened in October, I booked immediately, I think in about June 2021. It became obvious that the flight wouldn't operate, and it was cancelled, with plenty of notice, by Jetstar, and the first flight was then published as 02FEB22, so I booked that, returning on 14FEB. Those flights were 'subject to government and regulatory approval'. I paid for 'Fare Credit' as insurance in the uncertain times of covid.

I regularly checked the bookings, and a couple of days ago, 06JAN, I noted...